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GCSE French AQA certificate

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Maxomtb, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Have there been any results in the AQA iGCSE this summer, or will the first sets be next year? Just worried about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire! Have heard the iGCSE is harder, hoping not!
  2. gsglover

    gsglover Occasional commenter

    Had first results last month- we were pleased with them.
  3. It seems to be a popular option for 2 years hence.
  4. toadman

    toadman Occasional commenter

    Can I urge others to consider this as it is such a good spec. The lady I spoke to at AQA was also excellent!
  5. I am seriously considering this for current Y10 and also as a back up for Y11 who are good in 'final' on the spot exams but unable to prepare for CAs to the extent needed. Is there anyone else considering a move for current Y11s ? Shall be on the phone to AQA tomorrow.
  6. We are doing it with both yr 10 and 11- very helpful people on the end of the phone line and end to CAs and erratic marking perhaps?
  7. If you are finding GCSE Controlled Assessment a challenge or looking for an alternative that is assessed 100% externally, please take a look at our new Level 1/2 Certificate (IGCSE*) in French, German and Spanish.

    The updated, yet manageable content is similar to the current GCSE so there is no need to overhaul schemes of work/lesson plans or purchase new course books. Also, in both 2016 and 2017 the Level 1/2 Certificate qualifies for Performance Table Points as an Ebacc subject.

    Past Papers and Mark Schemes for the 2014 examinations are available via e-AQA and a full set of supporting resources can be found on our website.

    Please contact us at mfl@aqa.org.uk for a free welcome pack or visit the website for more information.

    AQA MFL Team
  8. vacherin

    vacherin New commenter

    We have just started- all well so far but we are actually just using our gcse SOW but will phase in particular writing and speaking skills when necessary. Would like to hear what others are doing if possible.
  9. gregcolin

    gregcolin New commenter

    Mostly the same as you- have started with Expo books for AQA gcse but have already done a lesson on coping with a photo question in speaking.
  10. Same here, keeping most of the AQA GCSE SOW the same, but no need to devise CA tasks- hurrah!

    Was wondering the sorts of schools you're all in (who are introducing it). I am worried it's for grammar school/independent school pupils and I dearly hope not!

    We are a normal comp, with GCSE A*-C % in the 50s near enough every year...!!

  11. vacherin

    vacherin New commenter

    We are a comprehensive school with results of 67% 5 A*-C icl E and M, so nothing too special!
  12. toadman

    toadman Occasional commenter

    My school is also a mixed comprehensive. No selection, but it is in a leafy suburb so pretty nice. This summer 76% 5A*-C so probably above average, but nothing super special!
  13. Gutted! DH has said no to us doing iGCSE despite my comprehensive and detailed list of reasons in favour of abandoning controlled assessments.
  14. I thinks that he or she is making an error. Not only is the certificate more likely to look like the new GCSE but also the sense of freedom for CAs is immense!
  15. Sorry to hear that. What's their rationale behind denying you and the students this opportunity?
  16. It is because I'm going on maternity leave soon and won't be there to lead on the new spec. But I haven't yet had the chance to argue that any decent languages teacher can teach the 4 skills, grammar etc. I'm more worried about returning and finding none of the students have done their controlled assessments, at least in the class I have as it seems they will be recruiting long term supply to cover my classes.
  17. gregcolin

    gregcolin New commenter

    At least there is a plausible explanation. ANyone heard of any INSET for this course?
  18. vacherin

    vacherin New commenter

    One month in, all going well. AQA say there may be some organised INSET soon!
  19. toadman

    toadman Occasional commenter

    I would go to that too.
  20. Can I ask if it was accredited ? When I spoke to AQA they said it would only count as an GCSE and towards Ebac from 2016. As previously stated, I wondered if it could be a preferable option for struggling Y11s this year but if it will not count for anything then it isn't an option. Hope that makes sense and thanks in advance for any responses / thoughts.

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