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GCSE flipped learning website

Discussion in 'History' started by ollieGetgoLearning, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. ollieGetgoLearning

    ollieGetgoLearning New commenter

    We are developing a website with videos and interactive resources, and we are looking for some teachers to be able to give us some feedback. The website can be used by teachers, students. Have a look at www.getgolearning.com. If you want a free years subscription in return for some feedback then please get in touch. We are teachers who want to make the best resources possible for other teachers. Thanks in advance
  2. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter


    Did you use a voice synthesizer, ie. Text to speech, or record someones voice.

    I liked the video about Hitler.
  3. Harriet_Louise

    Harriet_Louise New commenter

    Hi are you only developing resources on these headings- Nazi Germany and Cold War. These topics do not really fit in with the new GCSE which we are starting in January.
  4. ollieGetgoLearning

    ollieGetgoLearning New commenter

    No it has all been recorded using actual teachers. The teacher on the video is Canadian, so she has a really nice voice for recording. .
  5. ollieGetgoLearning

    ollieGetgoLearning New commenter

    Hi Harriet, we are adding China and the Middle East by January, we would like any to know which units you think will be most popular. We will private message you with a coupon code for a free years access later on today. Thanks again for your reply
  6. Harriet_Louise

    Harriet_Louise New commenter

    Have you considered the history of medicine- there are not that many resources out there. Its from the Middle Ages until the modern day and the American West?
  7. ollieGetgoLearning

    ollieGetgoLearning New commenter

    Hi Harriet Louise,

    Thanks for the info, we are planning on doing the medicine unit later in the year. Thanks once again for the input.
  8. jashalp

    jashalp New commenter

    Just had a look at your website and the Weimar section would seem to be really helpful for next year when we finally start the WJEC topic of Germany. Are you just focusing on KS4?
  9. ollieGetgoLearning

    ollieGetgoLearning New commenter

    Hi Jashalp,

    We are currently focusing on expanding our range to make resources for China and the Middle East for KS4, when we have these ones done we will be looking at KS3 but this might take a while.

    We have uploaded a Christmas quiz which is for History teachers, and on the last slide there is a coupon code, which will give you free access for the rest of the school year.


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