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GCSE Exam Board? Which would YOU choose?

Discussion in 'Music' started by musicalghost, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I know this is an age-old question and a subjective one but I am really undecided at the moment and would like to hear your own personal thoughts and opinions as to which exam board you prefer :)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. erp77

    erp77 New commenter

    I'm with Edexcel. Can't really comment on the others as I haven't taught them.
    It works well for me and my kids.
  3. stwilfred

    stwilfred New commenter

    Try iGCSE. Syllabus is well written and detailed. Support seems (so far) very good.
  4. It may well depend on the strengths of your students / your dpt. iGCSE does look good for the right students - it is 40% listening and is quite analytical and geared heavily towards Western Classical music and 'world' music.
    EDEXCEL has set works so this gives you the advantage of knowing which pieces will be discussed in the exam.
    AQA is 80% coursework so we do this one. Our students are pretty strong performers and this accounts for 40% of the course. The listening exam was a bit of a mess this year but hopefully it will be more clear cut next summer.
    Never looked at OCR or WJEC.
  5. We do AQA for the reasons pookie said. Also it's good for mixed abilities of kids.

    Personally I think Edexcel is geared towards more theory based students perhaps?

    OCR is brilliant for lower ability students IMO. Not as heavy on the theory if you don't want it to be (I calculated it was about 7% of the overall grade), and very subjective.
  6. Depends on the nature of your students. We have a very mixed ability group - but we want to ensure that there is good progression onto the A-level courses, should they wish to take that route. Edexcel, with the study of set works, really allows for this.

    Did when before syllabus change a couple of years ago... Listening paper was v hard to prepare for as they could play them anything between 1600 and present day. One year we had welsh rapping... Interesting! It didn't prep students for level 3 courses at all.

    Hope this helps.
  7. I'm moving to Edexcel after years and years with OCR. Having studied the specification closely, there is actually less to cover with Edexcel (2 performances and 2 compositions with the listening rather than 2 performances, 2 compositions, 2 pieces of written work, Creative Task exam and listening - I'm now wondering why I didn't make the switch years ago!) and I won't have the horror of preparing them for the Creative Task. I would have a look at some of the threads on here about marking. Edexcel has by far the most entries but the least amount of complaints on here. The AQA thread about inconsisentency in the marking is now on 7 pages!
  8. I have to say that we teach Edexcel but having started A Level and having students join us from other schools - the ones who have got an A at AQA seem to be much better at listening to unfamiliar music!
  9. I have three years to teach the gcse course at my school as my pupils have had a limited music curriculum and a large amount of prospective musicians struggle with English. If you had had more time to teach the course would you still have made the switch?

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