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GCSE entries for d&t are a big warning

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by DTwizard, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. One of the delights of Christmas is being able to trawl through interesting websites. Just been looking at DATA's compiled figures for full course GCSE entries for 2011 and they seem very scary to me. Everyone has been going on about falling numbers but are you aware how bad it is? Since 2008 the entries have dropped by 73,000 candidates. That seems a pretty big number to me. Back in 2008 OCR had a total d&t entry just slightly more than this. In 2011 OCR, Edexcel and WJEC combined have a total entry of less than this number. I would be less concerned if this drop was being soaked up by diplomas (only 4,000 in total in vaguely d&t related areas) or double award GCSEs (less than 4,000 in total). Does anyone know where these kids are going? I cannot believe that the total numbers of 16 year olds are dropping by that much nationally as in our area they are building schools left right and centre for our growing population. Can anyone tell me what the overall GCSE entry is and is anyone mapping where these kids are choosing to go. Before we start to worry about Mr Gove and E-bacs etc. we appear to already have a major issue on our hands.
  2. This is weird, how come over the same period A Level numbers have stayed so steady, and indeed have increased slightly? Obviously, the 2011 numbers are based upon GCSE entries back in 2009 where they had only dropped by 8,000. Does this mean that we will start to see a dramatic drop in A Level entries from next year? The AS entries look very healthy indeed with a sharp increase. Any ideas?
  3. Cannot comment on other schools but for us the numbers have increased slightly. We have changed what we offer - food tech is now Food & nutrition, graphics & RM have moved to product design & we still offer electronics and we have now introduced construction as well as catering. We have 8 groups in both year 10 & 11 -(more than half the year group are taught in the department) so we are keeping the DT flag flying strong
  4. I teach in a very academic school, and our numbers for DT are always really high. I have 3 Y10 groups this year, and across the whole department there are 9 classes in year 10 (about 250 kids in a year) aboout 125 kids doing it as a rough estimate

  5. Ours have dropped for the last three years. For us it's that the kids think that Art is less effort, or they're swayed by the suave dinners put on by Hospitality and Catering.
  6. re

    re New commenter

    Don't forget AQA and BTEC courses in your calculations. The former, in particular, have picked up loads of candidates in all GCSE areas. Btec engineering similar, as has Btec construction.

    Saying this, I am worried about changes to BTEC as the CVA from it has been phenomenal for the last few years.
  7. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Yes those figures are alarming. Has the Government's U turn on making Food compulsory had an effect on the numbers for this year? We had a room set up in my school at the start of the year but as yet the school has not made a decision as to whether we will offer the option.
    A level figures are healthy, two reasons; as someone just pointed out it may be accumlative and we will see a drop Sep 2012? Also, how many school's take students internal or external who have not taken a DT specific GCSE and have judged those pupils on related grades, Eng, Maths or even Art?
    Whatever the reasons, we need to, where ever possible, support DATA. My school has huge numbers for DT GCSE 230 pupils and A level 70+ so I'm alright...................mmmmm NO!
    If Nationally the figures are low then will Gove has a case? Your school and mine may support the subject now but for how long if its not recognised in the NC. Then comes the sting of funding a subject that carries limited kudos.
    I remember a few months back, DATA posted up a petition on this forum. I signed it straight away, but the petition posting was full of people giving their opinion on what DT was, what it stood for etc. This I found quite alarming in itself.
    Dyson is now linked to the pro DT arguement . As professionals we need to keep our ears and eyes open. Sign up to the DATA petition asap and tell others, no matter how well resourced to do the same.
  8. modelmaker

    modelmaker Star commenter

    Would you mind if I made a kind observation?
    I've been interested in the fortunes of D&T in schools for some 12 years, albeit not as a teacher. I was impressed that Dyson was supporting D&T and I hope he will long continue to do so, but after all this time, isn't it worth canvassing the support of other successful designers?
    If the powers that be only ever see the same faces, they'll conclude that nothing has moved on in D&T, even if it has in the real world.
  9. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Fair point, but Dyson has been involved for some time now and as a major manufacturer in the UK, first class inventor and industry leader, he does add weight to the arguement. I used to work for the Design Museum some 10 or so years ago and Dyson had already set up a base there with free resources for schools and students, now runs the Dyson Foundation etc.He was getting involved at a very early stage and long before he had global success, we should be grateful for that.
    If you go onto the DATA website you will also see a number of other names involved in the push, just seems that Dyson is the biggest.
  10. Does anyone have contact details for Jonathan Ive - I know his dad has been/ used to be quite high up in D and T (?). He would be a good one to get behind this -you cant get more current and up to date than J. Ive (Isnt he mentioned in the NY honours list - due back for a visit soon!)
  11. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    That's right, Mike Ive was HMI and very high up within DT circles. I last met with him some years ago at a NAADIT conference. Not entriely sure of his position at present?
  12. According to a document he wrote on data website it's mive@mac.com. Although not sure how current it is. Presuming data have already tried going in this direction?
  13. This thread seems to be losing track of the original point made by DTwizard.
    Irrespective of Gove, EBac and what might or might not happen to D&T in the National Curriculum. Numbers at Key Stage 4 entered for examinations in Design and Technology accreditied courses have dropped significantly year on year since it was made non-compulsory. Anywhere between 10 and 5% nationally.
    Yes other areas have grown slightly but nothing like the losses from D&T.
    Engineering is not significantly larger despite the money poured into the Diplomas, and no other area including Home Economic has shown any real growth. DTwizard's very valid point is that given this loss - do we know why? And if we do know, what are we doing about it?
    ICT and MFL had similar fates although MFL is seeing a partial revival and may do well out of any Nationa Curriculum review - provided there are suffcient teachers available.
    So how do we attact back the numbers of students, and convince decision makers that every child should be participating in a design related course? Because the moment we deviate and comprise by offering construction or catering we actually lose the whole argument.
  14. I am a bit confused by the original numbers posted at the beginning of the thread by DTWizard as there is no mention of AQA in the numbers yet they have by probably the highest number of entries certainly for textiles because they are the only board doing the A'level, so were AQA included in these figures?
  15. The original figures were from DATA website and covered all boards. The A level figures for Product Design (Textiles) AQA appear to be just over 2,000 for A2 and 3,500 for AS. I guess that there are also many doing textiles through Art & Design A levels but that is not included in DATA's numbers

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