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GCSE enterprise and employability AQA - help!

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by glynmanton, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    Anyone running considering running this course? I have been asked to look at feasibility- The Spec is pretty bare and I: want to know if it is a good course (I do not use AQA so I am unsure about resources such as SOW and lesson ideas)

    If someone is running or planning to I would be happy to share resources and planning :- email me directly on glynmanton@ntlworld.com
  2. WE were going to run the new BTEC business course for our Work Related Learning groups but now they are not ready we would look at this course. I can't find the new spec anywhere though can you show me where it was.
  3. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    I got a paper copy from my deputy head- there are some details on AQA web site
  4. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    anyone planning on running this and want to share planning? Other teacher went on AQA course in London - waste of time, no resources or suggestions on schemes etc. If want to team up email me at

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