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GCSE English new spec: lan or lit for less able

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by debbiecarr, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. debbiecarr

    debbiecarr New commenter

    Hi, I'm after some advice. We are a KS3 school that have gone 11-16 this year. We have our first Year 10s and things are going pretty well so far. We teach English in mixed ability which is fine except, I have about six students who are predicted a grade 3 who are really struggling with the depth of literature. I have the scope to be able to remove them from main stream for 3 lessons a week and initially, my plan was to focus on language - thinking that they would at least have a chance of getting a reasonable mark. My big worry is the weighting for SPaG. 20% for lan and 5% for lit. Most of the students involved will qualify for a scribe so I assume this would affect their marks anyway.

    Which should I get them working in more depth on: lit or lan?

    Many thanks
  2. VeronicAmb

    VeronicAmb Occasional commenter

    I think you should talk to your HoD first of all. See if they can set up an intervention course that runs either at lunchtime or after school to tackle some of the problems they are showcasing in your lessons.

    If I knew my students were struggling with literature I would probably go about working with them at a passage level first, then going from page level, to chapter level etc. If they are better at language, maybe try teaching literature from the language point of view to start off with. So things like "why are these words important for this passage", etc and etc. I don't know what troubling those students are having, but my suggestion was pretty generic.

    Of course I shouldn't say this but Lang is more important for their future (and for league tables) so depending on what your HoD says, I would focus on Lang more, but do not neglect lit all together.
  3. petrichor89

    petrichor89 New commenter

    I don't really have anything much to add, other than the fact that it's important not to forget that whichever English qualification the student performs the best in will be double weighted - there isn't the same emphasis on English Language anymore. If they achieve a better a grade in Literature this will be double weighed for the 'English bucket' on Progress 8, with Language therefore falling into one of the 'spare buckets.'

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