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GCSE English Language results

Discussion in 'English' started by hardbastard, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Apologies. I did not realise you used American literature as a norm for names! The only Candys I know in the UK are women!
  2. We too have had a problem with the grading of Unit 3 Edexcel, both for English and English Language. It seems the students needed 10 more marks to achieve a Grade C. 20 of our students should have been awarded Grade C. We used the Edexcel exemplification material to grade our students' CAs. Are the marks awarded to their exemplification material incorrect? We received a very poitive moderator's report. How can they justify these changes?
    I feel as a school we can survive this but nothing can ever put right the effect of pupils opening envelopes and seeing the 'C' grade they were hoping for was not to be. Try explaining to them and their parents!!
  3. Hi there
    my school did Edexcel English and we were hit hardest with unit 3 too! We had already banked several of our cohort with what we thought was a safe C only to find out on results day they had infact got a D?! a lot of very unhappy students who claimed "but we were told we had a C!" (which they had when you look at the January boundaries for unit 3 controlled assessments) I have compared those with June and to get a C this summer they needed 4 or 5 marks more?! Disgraceful if you ask me - how can exam boards say they are consistent when they change the boundaries at the last minute?!
    This means that a Grade C purely depends on what the exam boards decides is a C - to suit themselves! How can the same quality of essay be submitted as a C grade in Jan but then is only worth a D in June due to elevated grade boundaries??
    Our school was predicting fairly accuratelyEnglish A*-C of around 58% or more and we only got 48% - my team are pretty gutted as am I as a new head of English with Osted looming in the Autumn...
    We were shafted - pure and simple
    As new hod I decided to change to AQA with our new year 10s (now yr 11) as I hated Edexcel and found the AQA spec worked better with our kids..but even AQA seemed to have done exactly the same with thier boundaries to?! who can we trust?
    I feel pretty disullusioned after I worked my a*** off for a whole year!
    its the kids I feel most for...
  4. When the numbers involved would change the A* to C "pass rate" to 74% how can you justify that nearly three quarters of the cohort are at that level. You cannot. Nobody can.
    Examination boards have all the information from Key Stage 2 results also and ensure that results do reflect prior attainment.
    Anyone who wants the grade boundaries moved back doesn't understand that by doing so they are devaluing the hundreds of thousands of legitimate C (and above) grades that students have achieved.
  5. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Candy'sdog I'm sure you will be able to clarify this for me please as it deals with WJEC. I have students who have received a D grade and I have looked on the Walled Garden for a breakdown of their results. These students first took Unit 1 and Unit 2 in summer of 2011 and received a D and E grades for both these. They then retook these units in May 2012 and achieved C grades on them. Their Controlled Assessments were cashed in for summer 2012 and they achieved D for written and C for speaking and listening. These students have now got their final GCSE grade at got a D with UMS 119 marks which I understand is 1 off a C grade. Now my issue is, can I send for a remark as really they have achieved Cs in their exam and could they manage to increase the exam marks by 1 which would give a C grade. I can see that I can not send CA for marking as the moderator is happy with the marking. Example of marks as below
    Unit 1 summer 2011 UMS 22 = D
    Unit 2 summer 2011 UMS 18 = E
    Unit 1 summer 2012 UMS 27 = C
    Unit 2 summer 2012 UMS 24= C
    Unit 3 controlled assessment cash in summer 2012 UMS 30 = D
    Unit 4 controlled assessment cash in summer 2012 UMS 38 = C
    It would seem that whilst students have done well and worked hard to change their exam marks it is the controlled assessments which has ultimately let them down and I can't see how this can be changed by a remark. Your advice would be appreciated.
  6. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

    This is the problem we've also encountered for a number of our students & it is these students who moving the written CA boundary to the 'notional' 48 would really help. We also had students who got Cs in the exam in Jan and we believed they had Cs in ther CA but with the small boundary shift now find themselves 1 mark away.

    What to do?
  7. Don't be a jerk.
  8. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    Basically, I think you've got it right. It's the Unit 3 controlled assessment that has cost the student here. Assuming your moderator agreed with your raw marks (you can check by looking at the report in the section where you put the marks in), then there's no point appealing them (as you'd effectively be appealing against your own marking).
    You could appeal the exams, as it's the UMS mark that counts, not the grade. However, Unit 1 already has the maximum UMS marks for the Foundation tier (27) and Unit 2 is pretty close. Appealing Unit 2 would be your only hope, but I think that would be a waste of money to be honest. They already check all the borderlines.
    Unfortunately, they have to draw the line somewhere and 120 UMS marks is where it happens.
    PS - The easiest way to see exactly which units have counted towards a student's grade is to use the Cash-in Profile button in the Walled Garden
  9. The burning question of today is will Ofqual raise June marks or drop January marks. My money is on the latter. The only saving grace if they do is that everyone will have been affected equally! Equally badly, but nevertheless equally.
  10. vacherin

    vacherin New commenter

    It is not possible to drop January marks as far as I know as an award meeting has taken place and been approved!
  11. Which is why OFQUAL will say that a mistake was made on the grading of January assessments, that lessons will have to be learnt and that part of the reason it happened was due to the smaller numbers being examined and assessed in the January period as oppose to the June period.
    The HT's associations will then threaten legal action again.
  12. SKK


    We were told by a principal moderator that to secure a C we needed to be well into band 4. We've known this since Oct 2011 and it was a bit of a shock since the band descriptors for Band 4 sound more like the skills exhibited for a B on the old Spec. Didn't like it but we knew about it. All in all it was a stressful year, especially trying to get CAs up to target. We did okay in the end - no actually, we did very well and were up 6% on previous year A*-C. Our A*/A looks healthy too. Relieved but then we all worked our butts off getting there.
  13. Hope you are still as confident after the Ofqual report. Remember ALL grades are provisional! We worked our butts off too and our grades could go up or DOWN! Don' t count chickens.
  14. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    BBC News 24 reporting OFQUAL now - not good
  15. A proper outcome.
    Teachers over-estimated the number of pupils that should get a C.
    Sour grapes from HTs.
  16. Emster, we switched to CCEA for the new specification and also had quite a dip in results, like you, we are a non selective school in NI - our CA's have been pulled down for anyone we'd marked above a C. We also have pupils who'd been entered for both foundation and higher, strangely out of those there are a few who got a D in the foundation paper but a C in the higher. The grade boundary settings were far from kind leading to disappointment. I never want to experience such a week again, it is unfair to both pupils and teachers.
  17. ulysees

    ulysees New commenter

    Wow! you were spot on! Inside info? Or just experience?
    I am disgusted by the whole thing- they got it wrong and have really affected the life chances of a cohort-
    Also , where are the English teachers needed to teach the extra resit classes going to come from?
    I could say more but I don't trust myself!!
  18. It was said from the beginning that teachers, HTs, etc. wanted the grade boundaries aligned with those from January. Doing so would move the A* to C grade up to 74%, which is clearly not going to demonstrate that the new qualification was worth much.
  19. I cannot honestly say I'm surprised, it was always likely to be a whitewash. Our issue isn't actually about boundaries with wjec, it's the quality ofthe marking in the H reading paper with 19 grade U awarded including some scoring lessthan 10/40 from the top 2 sets - utterly ridiculous.
  20. anteater

    anteater New commenter

    Next year we're all going to be wondering whether to gamble and put borderline students in for the H tier, as they seem to have targetted the F tier as a way of keeping Cs down. Another dilemma.

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