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gcse electronics wjec/eduqas anyone?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by hotcat1, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Could someone who's done this share some experiences? Just had it dropped on me and I'm general sci so not familiar. Some things the board are saying don't quite make sense!
  2. BW12345

    BW12345 Star commenter

    Ha! I’m not surprised. You’re dealing with a tiny outfit with that Welsh board department. The new specification is more inconsistent than ever. They’ve reduced the NEA by 10% so have tacked on small bits of new material in their “ebook” which leaves a lot of loose ends which we’ll all have to cover.

    The WJEC electronics NEA content spec has always been a mess. The new course shows only one example of a “prototype”, which is a commercially produced printed circuit board, but they said for the old course it didn’t even need to be soldered. Go figure.

    Colleagues at other schools wasted a lot of effort previously because they took literally, what WJEC wrote. Three of us have been told that nobody else had any trouble understanding :confused: , but WJEC are the ones claiming “manufacturing” is done with stripboard :rolleyes:. You get puff and bluster if you query things because they’re small, so (one or two) egos rule – and it becomes unpleasant. They clearly get annoyed so we stopped asking questions years ago. At least AQA were professional.

    WJEC’s papers (including exam papers, all levels) have too many mistakes which they won’t admit. Clearly there’s no qualified proof reader, even for non-technical text.

    Keep checking their downloadable files. They change them without announcement or version numbers, so the ground shifts below your feet.

    Still, we got well over a dozen lads through last year with top grades, so ask others or here and plod on! Perhaps over time they’ll get some more competent resources over from the old AQA course. Perhaps that's started; some of the risible old guff unchanged for years, has been partially addressed.
  3. ranbir8754

    ranbir8754 New commenter

    I have the same problem. I am Physicist - WJEC has a lack of resources i.e. student textbooks.
    I have created a Programme of study - Phase 1 derived from their pdf files.
    I also need more resources.
    1) Technician list.
    2) Powerpoints.

    Sorry, I cannot send my PoS to you because its WORD format which TES does not allow.
  4. ranbir8754

    ranbir8754 New commenter

    If you send me your email I can include you on my Onedrive for you to access my development of the WJEC GSCE ELECTRONICS.
    My email is rdhariwal@hotmail.co.uk
  5. BW12345

    BW12345 Star commenter

    Thanks . I replied to your earliler post, but it evidently didn't pass moderation, or something. I wasn't contacted by TES.

    It started:
    Yes a text book would be nice. Only if it had all the mistakes corrected, though!
    Are you starting September, first time? If so, you may find a disappointing level of competence, compared with other boards. We’ve dropped Eduqas except for this course, because of similar issues in other subjects.
    Make friends with the photocopier!
    Fortunately we have someone who's been through every chapter of their Ebook, editing the Acrobat files and making them "active" so you can click the screen and have arrows, diagrams, circuits, extra text and the answers, pop up. All the examples in the ebook now have on-screen links to working Circuit Wizard simulations. (WJEC/Eduqas ought to provide those at least.)
    The kids fill 'em in in class, but when we've finished a chapter they can download the folder-full of files so their online version "works" for revision too.
    Are you using Circuit Wizard, or Yenka or something similar? Circuit Wizard is a rip off, Control Studio is a dog's breakfast - Yenka is free. Other simulators are available...
    Be careful if you use Control Studio – the terminology has errors, and it and the circuits produced are not compatible with the rest of the course. I would demo it, but not waste time letting them try to learn it.
    WJEC/Eduqas have (only just) released answers for SOME of the exercises, but having them on a separate document doesn't work on the screen. We’ve already done better documents.
    The kids fill 'em in, but when we've finished a chapter they can download the folder full of files so their online version "works" too.

    i can send you the Circuit Wizard files at least.

    I'll email you. I wonder if this post will ever appear....
  6. mildertduck

    mildertduck New commenter

    Hi all,

    It's very frustrating that there's only one SAM for this course, especially given the changes which were made from the old course, as the style of questions seems to have changed quite a bit. Has anyone put together any new-style practice papers which could be used?
  7. BW12345

    BW12345 Star commenter

    Yes, but it's a guess, or the same questions with different numbers.. There's not much you can do with some of the new add-ons. De Morgan is what it is, there are no extras to tag on to make a longer question, and if the only characteristic they have to know about is a plain diode, there aren't a lot of ways to questioning it. (I tried framing it as a BE junction and they were floored.) Same with half wave rec - you put ac in and you get so and so. Only one way to ask about that, too.
  8. dwynesdevlin

    dwynesdevlin New commenter

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone on this thread has electronics GCSE resources have been teaching it last year but looking to develop it in a new school @BW12345 do you still have the pdfs that included circuit wizard files linked in too ? Thanks
  9. BW12345

    BW12345 Star commenter

    Answered by pm, few days ago.

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