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GCSE EDEXCEL History A Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'History' started by emilysproston4, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Hi

    I am currently preparing a scheme of work for the controlled assessment unit for the Edexcel GCSE Modern World History Spec A. Our focus is Germany 1918 - 1939.

    I am kinda hoping that some one out there is about to or already has taught this.

    I was just after some adivce about how to help students to plan their answers - how best to set up the Historical Enquiry - etc, ??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - our school has just changed it's age range so this is our first time through GCSE's.

    Thanks, Emily
  2. Iceni_princess

    Iceni_princess New commenter

    Hi Emily,

    My school does Edexcel History B. I'm thinking setting up the enquiry would be the same, the content would differ. We do however teach the Germany unit for one of our examined units. I may be able help, let me know what it is specifically,

    Good luck,

  3. craig2410

    craig2410 New commenter

    I do examined Edexcel A Germany 18-39. I can send you stuff related to that which could be helpful?

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