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gcse edexcel controlled asessment

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by l0vaduck, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Task four by a huge majority here - the one about Promotion. I'm not surprised: they are confident that they know what promotion is, and they think they can research it fairly easily without necessarily talking to anyone! I wouldn't be surprised if most people do this one.

    I think a couple of the others would be really tricky for most people. The cash flow one would require an in depth understanding of the real impact of cash flow, and I doubt many business owners will be all that keen on divulging much information. The invention/innovation one is hard for most retail establishments which tends to be the kind of business our kids choose. In most cases the answer will be "not very" and it will be difficult to do detailed analysis of it.

    I'd be interested in how others respond.
  2. Task 4. out of the 40 children 30 are doing task 4 and the others Task 3. I have a feeling it is to do with the fact that there is an example at the back of their research folder. I think i'm going to have to closley moniter Task 4 research!.


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