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GCSE Edexcel Business Unit 2 CA

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by acaulfield, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hi all, I'm wanting to do a trial run for Unit 2 and give the students a research folder to use so they are not using loads of curriculum time on a practice. Does anyone have any advice. Does anyone have a research folder already available that I could use (wine / chocolate / both are ready as payment) I am happy to share any of my resources. Do any centres do this or should I concentrate on the actual one???
    Thanks in advance - Anthea
  2. michael102

    michael102 New commenter

    Hi Anthea,

    I am just coming to the end of my CA with some completing over this week for hours missed etc.

    I thought about doing it the way you suggest but found that the biggest problem my students had was how to go about their research, planning it etc but then seemed fine with the write up.

    I did a full practice this time around and supplied a dragons den pitch as the 'interview' material which saves a lot of time! This has led to them achieving very good results in the real thing, those I have got in so far anyway! I guess it all depends on what your students need the practice on!


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