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GCSE Edexcel Business Studies

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by socialisthero, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. socialisthero

    socialisthero New commenter

    I am about to start unit 2 the controlled assessment for the first time and was wondering if anybody would like to do cross moderation before sending off to the moderator?

    If you do my email is cjpeters81@gmail.com

    Also happy to swap resources, currently doing unit 4 but have some resources for unit 3.

  2. NDEY

    NDEY New commenter

    Hi my school is based in the West Midlands (Near Birmingham) let me know if you still want to cross moderate Unit 2 CA for Business Studies? Now for 16/17 and can share resources for Unit 3?
  3. NDEY

    NDEY New commenter

    Does anyone have access to the unofficial Edexcel GCSE Business Studies Unit 1 & 3 for 2016? Cannot locate as there are others available for the June exam series 2016.
  4. socialisthero

    socialisthero New commenter

    Hi NDEY, cross moderation for next year sounds great. I am currently doing unit 4 but have loads of stuff for unit 1 I would be happy to share.


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