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GCSE EDEXCEL Building a Business exam

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by lyoung84, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. I don't teach that unit, we do unit 1 and then unit 5 (economics). We've got the 'Business bricks' guides, they're written specifically for the edexcel course and are on the site www.visionforrevision.co.uk. Buying the guides also gives you access to some extra practice questions and activities. Although not written by edexcel, they seem to be pretty good. The main thing for me is that our students like them, so hopefully will use them! I realise I'm quite complimentary about the guides - I promise I'm just a customer! Hope this helps
  2. There are no accounts on the spec, but you do need to teach how to calculate profit/loss (I assume that's not what you meant though!).

    I haven't investigated revision guides yet but aren't you leaving it a bit late? The exam is in 6 weeks: by the time you've ordered them and they arrive, will you have time to sell them to the kids? I made that mistake once and ended up with loads of guides the kids wouldn't buy because they didn't think it was worth spending the money to own a book they would only be using for a couple of weeks.

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