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Discussion in 'Business studies' started by jadewilliams10, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Hi I am looking for some guidance. I have just started teaching the finance unit 2 side of the course to year 11 who have now completed the controlled assessment section (60%)

    I have seen a few finance revision guides, posted by people on here, but wondered if anyone would be so kind as to share their way of teaching the finance topic with me. Is there any particular textbook you advise students to purchase or that you use? Do you have any resources or websites that you find particularly useful I would really appreciate your help.

    My email is jade.williams@elfed-hs.flintshire.sch.uk if there is anyone who would be able to help in anyway I would be ever so grateful. Thank you :) #teachernetworking #sharingiscaring @pshee2015
  2. Deb178

    Deb178 New commenter

    Hi Jade

    I am delivering the second unit at the moment and have lots of powerpoints I would be happy to share. Please drop me an email dpowell@jogschool.org
  3. jit

    jit New commenter

    Hi Deb
    I hate to jump onto someone else's post. I have changed from BTEC to GCSE Applied Business. Would you happy to swap and share resources with me. I have resources for the following subjects, GCSE Business Edexcel, Applied A Level Business & BTEC Level 2.

    Thanks K :) my email is noble.k@maplesden.kent.sch.uk
  4. bonjovifan35

    bonjovifan35 New commenter

    I've been teaching the course since its introduction and have lots of resources. My email is jwalker@thedustonschool.org

    We are looking for someone to cross moderate with - anyone keen to do that??

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