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GCSE Digital Photography

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by RightPlaceRightTime, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. I have been teaching photography for 3 years now so by no means an expert but hope I can help! Printing costs remains the most annoying and expensive issue we have and we try different things each year.

    We have an A3 colour inkjet which we now don't use due to cost of prints and quality of prints especially if the printer isn't maintained.
    We do have a A4 laser Dell 1320c printer which was good value to buy and high capacity cartridges available on Amazon for as little as £35 for a set). Students use this for sketchbook work but some students still print at home etc. We then set aside a certain amount of our budget (around £10 per student) and use bonus print online for final prints, each student has an allocation of one A2 print (or 2x A3/ 4x A4 if that makes sense) for each unit (we do edexcel so 2 units for AS and 2 for A2). Their prices are very competitive (get cheaper the more you order) quality is good and delivery is pretty quick.

    Any printing for boards/folder work is down to the student to do.

    As regards ging digital, we currently do both sketchbooks and powerpoints/blogs. We have found that the less Artistic students who hate cutting straight, mounting nicely etc prefer the digital route but the more artistic students really like books and some hated the digital version.

    This seems to be what works best for us.

    As regards spending, do you do any darkroom/film photography? If you do I would recommend a good scanner for prints and negatives/slides. We have recently bought one and its been very popular.

    Hope that helps, anything else I can help with, message me and I will try my best.

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