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GCSE Dance (AQA) Theory Exam

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by amandalee3, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. do you have the exam paper? i'm going to raise it with AQA
  2. <font><font size="2">Myself and my colleague were very surprised by the paper and although the students seem to think it was ok, I doubt very much that they will have achieved their potential. I am hoping that it will be the same across the country and they will adjust the marks accordingly. I agree it was the hardest GCSE Dance paper I have seen; I even think that the AS Level paper was more accessible. We were contemplating raising it with the board, but not sure we will. </font></font>
  3. jb1092004

    jb1092004 New commenter

    Thanks a lot everyone - I feel a lot better knowing that our school was not the only school worrying about it. We did think that 14 marks on lighting...when we're studying 'Ghost Dances' and 'Nutcracker' was a bit much. I got the feeling that our pupils repeated themselves quite a bit (and rightfully so). We are in the process of forming a very strongly worded letter to AQA regarding some of the questions not featuring on their syllabus (e.g. The date of the first performance and naming the compose of the accompaniment which they said wouldn't be asked) - please, if we all do something similar, then perhaps we'll get something done about it - even if that's just a better worded, wider ranging paper next year? I thought that exam boards were supposed to go easy on us on the first year of assessments of a new syllabus?
  4. Has anyone recieved any kind of response from AQA yet?
    Especially if the paper effected the grades as much as mine did - bless them. They revised so hard and the highest we got was a C. Even the lil group who got As in every mock I did with them got Ds or Es. Gutted to say the least :( I agree though...we all need to make sure we put our concerns into writing.


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