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GCSE D+T year 10 (20/21)

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by listerrocks, May 13, 2020.

  1. listerrocks

    listerrocks New commenter

    Has anyone managed to get any information from exam boards in regards to changes to the administration next years GCSE D+T for the current year 10 (20/21)?
    Apparently AQA plan to release the 20/21 context on June 01 as normal and expect teachers to allow students to complete work from home. Surely this can't be right/allowed I have three of my year 10's who haven't got access to the internet let alone access to a computer, have they just thrown controlled assessment measures out of the window??
  2. Reddead_B

    Reddead_B New commenter

    We are all on same boat with this.

    IMO examining boards will have to do something to support these kids. Could we see predicted grades again next year?
  3. listerrocks

    listerrocks New commenter

    I e-mailed aqa yesterday and they responded by implying that it was up to the us about how we support the students but everything was going to go ahead a normal. I’m going to really struggle to get the NEA done. They also told me that we had to follow JCQ guidelines with NEA, still waiting on a response when I questioned how this would be possible with remote learning.
  4. dpritchard

    dpritchard New commenter

    Same lack of response from both AQA and JCQ, reading through ALL the documentation, they can start the paperwork, but can't do practical due to supervision, so even this is time dependant.
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  5. laracobrin

    laracobrin New commenter

    There is an online webinar from AQA on 29th June regarding current year 10, and what AQA know and don't know about what may (and may not) happen for them in 2021...
    May be worth registering... The NEA can be done from home, apart from the making part... That is their justification for releasing it... It gives those who 'can' something to do at least!
  6. Reddead_B

    Reddead_B New commenter

    At the minute we can can try continue as normal

    .. But is so far from normal it's crazy.. I am trying to deliver NEA remotely.. But I only have 6 out of 15 pupils engaging with remote learning...6.

    Across the UK, I expect that there are hundreds of thousands of pupils who cannot engage in remote learning, for whatever reasons.

    I may be wrong but in my opinion these children cannot be disadvantaged because they have no access to resources to learn remotely.. Examining boards will have to take this into account, if they don't, I'm goosed lol..
  7. abidh

    abidh New commenter

    It is very difficult to get pupils to engage in remote learning,.

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