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GCSE Comparison of Non Fiction Texts

Discussion in 'English' started by bobvincent, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Work around the basics- similarities and differences in terms of -
    but also how effective the texts are in relation to the above
  2. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    Make sure that you focus them closely on the topic of the question which, on H, will be language. It's absolutely no use for them to write anything about layout as they'll get no credit at all for it.
    Evaluation of the effectiveness of the devices in relation to purpose and audience is key.
    Choosing the texts with care matters too - some students fail to answer on the set text, which is problematic.
  3. Lollylulu

    Lollylulu New commenter


    Thanks peeps - I have been doing PALL with my group and they seem to be getting there. I think that their biggest panic is timing. Not long now until the exam....

  4. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    As one of those examiners, that's why I said that writing about layout is pointless. There were any number of candidates (mine included I expect) who didn't read the question propeerly and wrote screeds of great but irrelevant stuff.
    As well as teaching them the skills of answering the question, we need to teach them the order of the paper because it is now fixed and it really matters.
  5. You could try using this - a series of videos which talk the students through the skills for each part of the paper, giving fairly general revision and exam technique advice. I don't think this forum does hyperlinks, so you'll have to copy and paste the whole link into your address bar.


    Works best if you can get students using them on individual machines / devices or doing them at home, as then they can make notes and stop it when they need to, rather than playing it on the board to a whole class. This is for AQA, we also have a foundation equivalent here:


    and lots of general English / Lit exam prep resources here on

    www.youtube.com/cherwellonline .

    Hope this helps - seems to me that so much of this exam is about exam technique!
  6. susiez

    susiez New commenter

    thank so much for the link to this site
    will be using some of it tomorrow
    thank you again

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