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GCSE Combined Science Exam Boards

Discussion in 'Science' started by Dyesie65, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Dyesie65

    Dyesie65 New commenter

    I am hoping to re-train as a Primary School Teacher from September 2016. Been many years since my O'level's so I am planning to refresh my knowledge with a home study GCSE in Combined Science during the interim period.

    NEC seems to have a good reputation, content looks fine and it has direct access to its own exam centre's. However course is targeted at the CIE specification. This does not seem like a widely represented body and is not often featured in schools from what little I have seen.

    OOL and other distance learning providers seem okay too and mainly target the more common EDexcel or AQA exams. These seem to be the normal school standard. While these providers offer support, responsibility for finding and booking an exam centre that will accept private clients is entirely down to the candidate. I understand this is not always easy.

    Appreciate any insight on variation in exam boards for GCSE Combined Science and/or distance learning providers for the combined science course. Or anything else I should be thinking about!

    Really appreciate any help..

    Many thanks..
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    This may all change. The current bundle of GCSEs, limping towards their demise in 18 months, all have 25% controlled assessment that has associated practical work and is supposed to be done under pretty strict conditions. This is difficult for distance learners.
    iGCSEs have no coursework and are often therefore chosen by distance learning providers. They have been used by some independent schools, but the government seems to have been trying to discourage their use by state schools.
    The bog standard GCSEs are all essentially the same - I wouldn't fret about which one is delivered by whichever provider you finish with.
    Good luck with it
  3. Dyesie65

    Dyesie65 New commenter

    Thanks P. Inclined to take your steer and just go with it. As you say, the GCSE
    world will no doubt look a different place in 2 years time.

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