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GCSE Business (1-9)

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Snorkers, May 24, 2016.

  1. Snorkers

    Snorkers New commenter

    Has anyone else had a look at the draft specs/exemplar papers yet? There's quite a difference between the exam boards' offerings, and I'd be interested in initial thoughts from others.

    For what it's worth, I think the AQA paper looks most interesting but possibly hardest - I don't know if that's really the case or just because there are many longer extended answers.
  2. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

    I'm going to wait until they are approved before even thinking about them
  3. valerie36pippin

    valerie36pippin New commenter

    I have been looking. AQA is very different but does cover a wide range. Keeping options open at the moment but need to make decision soon as teaching Business in from year 9 this year so want to have some direction and planning in place.
  4. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    I've always swayed towards Edexcel - their draft spec doesn't look too much different from their current one except the dropping of the controlled assessment (thank god!)
  5. racingpost

    racingpost New commenter

    Edexcel much the best for me. I like the consistency with which their current exams are marked. Remove the controlled assessment which is just random and, for me, this is a GCSE I can work with and I know my students will do well at. Looks to me that they are trying not to change anything and I notice that the exam samples look very similar to their current ones.
  6. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    That's exactly what I thought, even the unit names are the same - 'investigating small business' and 'building a business'. The only difference is like you said the drop of the controlled assessment, and the first paper isn't multiple choice, but that's no hardship!
  7. racingpost

    racingpost New commenter

    Yes. No crazy controlled assessment and no multiple choice paper with its ridiculously high grade boundaries. Add to this that all my lesson plans can pretty much stay the same and I have found a qualification I can have confidence in. Just hope that it is run in the same way as the previous GCSE. I really liked the old GCSE since if you read the essay paper reports every year the same thing was said. I loved the consistency of the marking and I kind of knew where I stood with it. Hope the new GCSE works the same way.
  8. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    I sat that GCSE myself its quite an old spec (2009 I think) I got an A on both papers and a B overall because I did rubbish on my controlled assessment haha. There is a mapping document on the website. Do you teach A Level Business?
  9. tfaz2008

    tfaz2008 New commenter

    I'm sticking with edexcel and can't wait to get rid of controlled assessment. I hate it!
    The new specs look good.
  10. racingpost

    racingpost New commenter

    I went to one of the launch events. The reassuring thing is that Edexcel are trying their best to change nothing. The whole of section A is contextless and filled with short answer 'explain' questions. Section B has context and their is a new 'analyse' question which is just like a detailed explain question in context. The choice question has now become a 9 mark 'justify' question and the 10 mark final essay is now worth 12. I must say I was impressed and you can tell the whole thing was written by people who were also teachers in touch with what kids and schools in general are like. I am definately staying with edexcel and am recommending others in my federation to do the same.
  11. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    I do like Edexcel - especially having done most of my GCSEs with them! Its a shame they don't have A Level ICT or Computer Science though (I specialise in both Business and Comp Sci). They seem to make the best of the government decisions; such as the change to linear exams; they make it much smoother and clearer than other boards.
  12. going grey quickly

    going grey quickly New commenter

  13. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    Wow that's bad! Edexcel have really stuck to the same format but dropped the controlled assessment which is probably the main change. I can imagine the others trying to jazz things up and make unnecessary changes

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