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GCSE Board Issues (Edexcel/OCR)

Discussion in 'English' started by cathy2504, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    My dept started using the Edexcel GCSE board in September, after doing AQA Legacy spec last year. We are all in agreement that we want to change boards. Can we do Edexcel Language this year and then do Literature with another board next year?
    I'm thinking about moving to OCR - how are people finding this board?
    Any responses much appreciated.
  2. We have moved from Edexcel to OCR, largely because we liked the OCR syllabus. So far, we have been really pleased with the tasks for Controlled Assessment and the very efficient response for queries etc. All exam board training has been provided by chief examiners, who are able to give expert advice.
    We entered a small group for a literature exam module, and were disappointed by the results. However, we now have more understanding of the marking criteria, so hope for better results in the summer.
  3. The OCR syllabus does look like the best of a bad bunch. Take the plunge and do an IGCSE (Level 1/2 certificate if you're in the maintained sector) - I fully believe that the one we do (Edexcel, as it happens, although I wouldn't touch their standard spec with a ten-foot pole) allows less able pupils more scope for understanding, and provides the most able with a really good stepping stone to KS5.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I have also considered IGCSE, but feel that I need to do more research into it before I take the plunge. I absolutely detest the Edexcel spec (I took over the dept this year after the decision had been made) and can't wait to move away from it!
  5. We have been with OCR for YEARS & I agree that I like the texts, CA tasks & syllabus generally - but we are considering a move to AQA because of the frustrating inconsistencies with marking! Our modern drama unit ( text- Journey's End) was marked extremely harshly with far too many bizarre anomalies - remarks have added some marks but still well below what we'd expect having seen the scripts! This is becoming the norm now unfortunately with weak students often overachieving dramatically in some cases & able students being held down to 'b' grades. Any advice or thoughts on marking at AQA?
  6. gloucesterroad

    gloucesterroad New commenter

    In terms of texts and course content, we love OCR, but the volume is intense and with the CAs eating time we have felt really pressured with no time to breathe between assessments, and I know our Y11 feel the same.
  7. We are probably going to switch to the IGCSE certificate from September
    but we were thinking of doing the English GCSE course with a weaker
    group. Would you avoid this or do your comments on the standard spec relate to the
    English Language/English Lit courses? Are you doing the Level 1/2 certificate with all of your groups?

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