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GCSE Board Comparison

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by poppycarew, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. No, there is no need to do anything dishonest or unethical. The board asks that the moderator sees your top and bottom marks; they do not ask to see any marks in the mid-range; in my view they should ask for a sample that reflects the whole mark range but it is isn't a requirement. It is in the mid-range where the grade C boundary lies and the teacher's marking is not assessed for this range. The board allows a mark difference between the teacher and the moderator of plus or minus 2. If you know where the grade C boundary is it makes no sense to give a candidate a mark which is just below the grade boundary it is better to award a mark that is just above it: and still be within the tolerance of +/-2. It goes without saying that your marking should be as accurate as possible.
    The same goes for all grade boundaries including A*. Remember if you do, say, 5 pieces of coursework, your A* candidate does not have to achieve their best mark at the moderation; they could have achieved their best mark in performance 4 ie the candidate scores maximum marks for piece 4 but slightly under maximum for piece 5 (the moderated piece); the marks for piece 4 are the ones that go forward if the moderator accepts the standard of the teacher's marking. You can't cheat because the moderator should look at all your marks and make a judgement about whether or not your A* candidate could really have got the slightly higher marks for piece 4. But what you can do is to ensure that your A* candidates get the A* for coursework they deserve and not an A.
  2. I'm looking to change from BTEC to GCSE and I've been looking at OCR, I think it looks good and the assessment dates are June I think? Also it seems that the moderation is all postal which is less pressure. Anyone doing OCR?

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