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Discussion in 'Secondary' started by lsay1, May 15, 2017.

  1. lsay1

    lsay1 New commenter

    I have worked within the SEMH sector for over 14 years and this is the first experience that I have had where one of my more complex pupils has opted to take GCSE Art but refuses to use any other medium than felt tipped pen. Any advice on projects or artists that could lend themselves well to this as I have pretty much exhausted my ideas..... or just any advice would be welcome...
  2. Samoneypennyteacher

    Samoneypennyteacher New commenter

    Quite a challenge! Maybe contact the exam board for advice. I had a boy with challenging behaviour who only used felt tip pen. He used MDF and created a mural using felts. How about using felt tip pens on stones to build something 3D. There are a variety of felt tip pens i.e. Blow pens. Felt tip pens and then splashing water at the piece. Pointillism is really good in felt tips, Aboriginal Art using dots. Just random ideas!
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  3. ManxOwl

    ManxOwl New commenter

    I'm not very experience with SEN, but I hope I can offer some inspiration.

    Felt Tip Pens can be used to create a wide variety of marks and textures, if your pupil is determined to use felt tip pens you could even use an exploration of the limits of felt tip as a project. For example exploring all the different marks and textures that can be created using felt tip, or what happens when you add water or (if appropriate) ethanol or white spirit to felt tip. You could explore different types of paper or surface to use felt tip on, greaseproof paper, thick paper, thin paper, textured wallpaper, fabric, wood etc.
    If possible you could see if you could stretch what your student views as a felt tip? for example Sharpie, Fabric pens or Watercolour felt tip pens could open up new possibilities? Equally could you find a way to get your student to start in felt tip and then work back into it with biro, pencil or a fine black pen to add shading or detail? Cross hatching, manga or pointillism could be good places to start? or you could experiment with different sizes of felt tip pen from chunky chisel shaped ones to skinny detail pens?

    This website has a good example of the variety of textures that can be created with felt tips. https://www.craftsy.com/blog/2016/02/5-pen-ink-techniques-know/

    This website has a good example of using water and water soluble pens

    and this website has some good general advice for drawing with felt tips pens

    Here is an artist that sketches using felt tip pens:

    and another

    and finally felt tip pens don't just have to be used for figurative drawing, abstract work could also be a possibility

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