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GCSE art external moderation rank order error

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by graphicswhiz, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Hello

    We have had our external gcse art moderation today. Unfortunately there were some errors on the rank order as excel had shifted some columns when asking it to sort from largest to smallest. When the moderator mentioned this she said not to worry about printing off the rank order again, as the optems and paperwork for each student matched.

    My question is do you think this would effect the student's grades, even if the marks submitted to edexcel via the OPTEMS and the student paperwork was correct?
  2. I would'nt worry, the rank order is simply a tool to enable moderators to check your marking is correct, they can go down the order and see if things line up, is one really better than the next etc etc. If they had the optems sheets too they will have been able to find the relevant samples to confirm your marking. If they were that worried they would have asked you to re-print.

    They won't mark the kids down because an excel spread sheet didn't filter correctly.

    That would be really mean:) And I realiably informed that examiners are in fact human too! who knew!!

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