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GCSE AQA Economics

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by wooden2gooden, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Is there anybody else out there teaching this course? I'm currently preparing students for the Unit 12 paper and would like to know how others are approaching the global warming topic in particular. The economics sections are fine e.g. how carbon trading works, taxes etc. However, the less economics bits are bit more unclear. The guidance from AQA is light touch and so any help would be most appreciated. I've got lots of good resources for the rest of the course I'd be happy to donate in return for a little help.

  2. The way I taught the less economics bits of the global warming topic was to split up the causes into industrial, agricultural, transport and energy like on the specification and explain how these lead to more carbon dioxide production and the greenhouse effect, which is global warming. Also the ethical side is quite annoying. The main points are

    Developed countries have already polluted so they should provide money

    Unfair on developing countries who have no opportunity to grow if they have to pay for their emissions

    But overall, global warming is a global problem

    .Any chance of those resources for the rest of the course. I've got students coming to me left right and centre since the exam is only in a few days.

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