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GCSE and GCE courses

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by ttarrab, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. ttarrab

    ttarrab New commenter

    Are you confident you have addressed the new Design and Technology specifications ?

    ·Ethos, context, content and the assessment criteria have changed dramatically. Do you fully understand the changes?

    ·Have you made any attempt to make yourself familiar with the changes?

    ·Taking a risk with your candidates grades should not be an option?

    ·This is your last chance before submission and You need to attend this course before you enter your candidates NEA for moderation.

    ·You will have the opportunity to question, discuss and relate situations with two of the most Senior Moderators and Coursework Advisors for this subject area.

    contact : Gordon on this email address or alternatively actionieafe@gmail.com

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  2. tmcinerney

    tmcinerney New commenter

    Hi there, are you referring to the Edexcel new 9 to 1 spec for DT?

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