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GCSE and A Level Apps?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by stickybun2, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. My school has just invested in a load of iPads and they are having a massive impact on motivation, concentration and inspiration!
    Which apps would you recommend for the GCSE Computer Studies (OCR) and A Level ICT (WJEC) courses that would run on the school's iPads or the kids' handhelds? I've found a sorting app called Sorting (who knew?) which is okay and a computer science app by real simple edu but that seems a bit more suited to degree level.

  2. I suspect we'll be knee deep in trolls and naysayers any minute now and I'm not a huge fan of buying iPads for schools, but there are some revision videos for iOS from Teach-ICT/DJP. Cheap at £3 for 8 hours of video - but I don't know whether you'd have to buy a copy for each device (has mobile device licensing progressed to take account of educational contexts yet?).

    Anyway, url is http://teach-ict.com/shop/a2_lectures/a2_as_iphone.html

    There are also a number of local schools doing GApps integration in iOS/Android. Not too sure of the details but the guy who runs Gr82BGeeky might well be worth asking as I think he's done something in that area.
  3. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Honestly I did not make that noob avatar up to push a product
  4. We currently have 1 school iTunes account and sync all devices to that. There is a volume licensing thing in the US and educational discount there also but nothing here as far as I can tell. I spoke to a woman from apple off the record a few months ago and she said they were turning a blind eye to it in education because they obviously want students using their devices.
    What's a noob avatar? Sounds rude!

  5. Speaking as a troll, naysayer and taxpayer.

    What type of f*****g *** buys these things without finding worthwhile apps first?

    Would appreciate evidence of all this new-found motivation etc. etc.

    Sometimes people can see things even if they ain't real.

    In fact, they can do so really often.
  6. I'm honoured. We discussed your posts at uni!
    a) I didn't say I bought them
    b) I didn't say they were bought for my subject
    c) I didn't say we hadn't already researched apps
    e) I didn't say we didn't already have a lot of worthwhile apps
    e.1) Researching even more apps on a unpaid on a Friday night is surely better value for tax money, mein herr
    f) I find it suprising a nasayer would rely upon 'evidence' which can be tweaked to prove anything you like rather than, y'kow, what teachers think in the school where you work.
    g) where's d)?
    h) The internet isn't real. You can't see that. Good, isn't it?
    d) here I am
    i) If you are concerned about your tax dollar get yourself signed up on some forums which discuss the government selling arms in our name to countries for purely political reasons and giving billions to countries which either don't need it or shoud pay for themselves rather than a school spending money on mobile devices rather then desktops and essentialy breaking even on the project
    You're playing with the big boys now ;-)
  7. eClicker, idea flight, FileBrowser, CloudOn, Good Reader, iWorks, Print Central.
    Also, load up iBooks with PDFs instead of using handouts.

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