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GCSE & a Hearing Impaired Student

Discussion in 'Music' started by erwanseznec, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Hi thought I'd add to this... i have a GCSE Music student in yr11 who is severely hearing impaired and around gr6 oboe, good at composing, theory etc. She turns out to be unable to hear sounds properly when they are lower in pitch than G below middle C, in fact they can be quite painful. We have submitted her audiology reports etc. to Edexcel in abundance, as they had no precedent for this - they have also exempted her from the listening paper.
    Good job she has strong performing and composing skills....
    She (and her parents) are more than happy with this arrangement.
    I have seen raised elsewhere on t'web that some feel Edexcel are being quite unfair with this, where ABRSM and Trinity sometimes use a modified aural test (touching the piano to pick up vibrations, that kind of thing) but I can't see how that would apply to a GCSE paper. Extra time, a personal loudspeaker wouldn't really help in my student's case and as low pitch sounds actually hurt her at times, exemption would seem to be the only option.
    benedict16, I'd be really interested to read the outcome of your conversation (I take it you're meeting Evelyn Glennie? Or am I wrong in assuming that?)
  2. http://matd.org.uk/

    We had Paul come and do a session on our music PGCE years ago. He's really inspirational... He may have some ideas? Glad OCR came to their senses!

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