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GCE Applied Business Unit 9 Assignment

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by l163934, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Hi

    Has anyone got an assignment written for Unit 9 managing people. I am willing to share resources etc for anything else.


  2. Hi

    Has anyone got an assignment written for Unit 9 managing people. I am willing to share resources etc for anything else.


  3. The only pieces I have from my group last year aren't of very good quality as they were a very low ability group, but I do have copies of exemplar material from Edexcel if that's of use?

    If so, leave your email and as soon as I can get it scanned, I'll send it through! Any resources you have in return would be gratefully accepted!!
  4. If you look in the spec they give you the assessment evidence. Decide what business(es)/teamwork you are going to base it on and then there you go, making sure that what you do covers the mark scheme. I remember last year I made a bit of a mistake spending too long on the skills audits when the mark scheme then talks about the theory behind and evaluating styles, if my memory serves me right. Is this Edexcel because this is a useless post if it isn't! For the teamwork bit my lot organised the prom which was quite good fun.
  5. Jennie could I please get a copy of that? my email's prairna@yahoo.com
    I have exemplars of Units 2,3,4,11 and 14 if that helps?
  6. No problem, will email them across as soon as I have electronic copies....there's also a moderator's version of the assessment criteria which I was given on an Edexcel training course with a break down of how many marks should be awarded for each section of each markband, which I've found incredibly useful!

    Prairna - exemplar's for units 2 & 3 would be really useful if you wouldn't mind? jennie_m_england@hotmail.com

    Many thanks!
  7. hello,
    would you mind sending the unit 9 examples, my way too. I would be very grateful.

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