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Gateway Science SITN

Discussion in 'Science' started by phlogiston, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    OCR seem to have done a lot of adjustments to marks this year.
  2. I've just gone through the sample and apart from one candidate I think we have been harshly done to. specially when you compare to the similar but accepted marks the year before. Think we will appeal.
  3. 3 samples of equal standard and that were moderated using the same process. Biology and Physics adjusted down....Gateway core not adjusted.
    All scripts sent to the same moderator.

    OCR have moved the goal posts without telling us.
    We have offered this course from 2006 and have never been adjusted and always recieved stroong feedback.
    Someone needs to do some explaining I think!

  4. They don't like it if you give 24 for can do task and 0 for SITN or if you have done the same coursework for all students and if you are doing only the oldest coursework examples... Wonder if this tainted their moderation?
  5. We had exactly the same - chemistry, biology, physics and science all moderated by same person. Only science down graded. I have gone through them - our learners had graphs with patterns described in the graph, which the moderator decided should just be 0. He kept quoting trends when the mark scheme says trends/patterns. Are you going to challenge yours? We are.
  6. We had a real variety of tasks used - some new and some old. And no 0 SITN and 24 for can-dos. I am just not looking forward to remarking all my triple sitn again - seeing as I have done two with two groups.....

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