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Gateshead SCITT

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by ja020, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I'm going to the Gateshead SCITT selection day in March and am already panicking! Does anyone have any feedback from previous days, what is the hardest part?

  2. Hello ja020,
    Just wondering how you got on at the Gateshead selection day? Which one did you attend? I attended on 29th March. Got an email on Monday saying i've been accepted. Still in shock!
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Emma x
  3. Hi Claire

    So sorry for the late reply! I haven't been on here for ages, as you can tell. I'm also in the middle of applying for student finance. I live with my partner and have a mortgage, so giving up my full time job will hit us hard. The student loan will help cushion the massive drop in joint income :/ All worth it though. Can't wait to start.

    I've had to reapply for my GCSE maths certificate as I havent got the original one and it's taking AGES for them to sort it out. Student finance hasn't been straight forward either. Looking forward to the induction day, it'll be great to meet everyone :)

    Emma x

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