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Gateshead 3-7 SCITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by EJR85, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hello
    I went for the selection day at Lobley Hill Primary School on 29/03/12. I thought the day was really well conducted and had a lovely relaxed feel to it. Despite this, I honestly thought I hadn't done very well, more so with regards to the maths test, however, I've received an email this morning from GTTR and when I've checked my application, i've been accepted!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
    I'm still in shock and i keep crying with joy too!! I'd love to hear if anyone else from the same selection day has been accepted. I really hope so, as I met some lovely people. Also, if anyone is currently carrying out the SCITT, or has done in the past, it'd be great to hear from you!
    I'm so excited, I can't wait!!
    Emma xx
  2. Hi Emma, think I was sat on the same table as you on the interview day - but am rubbish with names! lol.
    What degree did you do, would help me remember who you are lol.

    I checked my GTTR yesterday and have been accpeted too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Am really pleased and excited!!! And well done you too!!
    See you for the induction in June

    Claire x x
  3. Hi Claire!

    Yes, we were sitting right next to each other. I wonder if anyone else got on.... I had the green top on, with blonde hair (to your left). Are you in your new house yet?

    Wow, it's so exciting!! At least we know each other! Have you had any info from them yet?

    Emma xx
  4. Hi, I remember you now!
    I don't know if anyone else got in, hopefully they'll pick up out posts and join in.
    Am also hoping to find someone who lives close to me so we can car share and save some money.

    I got my pack from Gateshead yesterday, so you'll probably get yours in the next few days if you havn't already.

    P.s No house yet - are waiting for solicitors to stop dragging their feet lol!

    Claire xx
  5. MrsDeavin

    MrsDeavin New commenter

    Not sure if you will still get notifications about this as it is from a few years ago but I am applying for the Gateshead SCITT and am wondering if you have any pointers with what to include in my personal statement?

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