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Gas pre-payment meter

Discussion in 'Personal' started by knickersinatwist, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone else has a pre-payment meter? If you do, how much do you top up per week roughly at the moment? Thanks
  2. Just wondering if anyone else has a pre-payment meter? If you do, how much do you top up per week roughly at the moment? Thanks
  3. Hi,

    I used almost £30 in 9 days between xmas and new year whilst we were off but it's back down to about £12-15 per week, depending on how cold it is at weekends. We just have it on a timer for the rest of the week.

    Hope this helps,

  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I don't have one these days but I do remember that my mom and my grandparents used to keep a pile of shillings on top of the meters (gas and electric) to keep them running.

    Is it one of those meters where you buy the plastic key things and insert them to get the gas? So you need to buy a couple and then keep a note of when you inserted it and how long it lasted. Do this for a few weeks and you should have an idea.
  5. At a guess, I'd say about £20 but we tend to be quite frugal and if it's gone, it's gone. If we're feeling cash strapped, it'll go on the water and heating will be off. I often don't use it in the summer much.
    Don't forget that there is a standard charge every week, so if it's not used, you still get this accruing as a kind of debt to be paid.
  6. Thanks for the replies - my meter seems to have eaten £10 this weekend - I just had the heating on for a couple of hours yesterday and a couple this morning. Just wondered if this was normal. Am wrapped in a blanket now or I'll be bankrupt by half term!
  7. It'll probably be because it has taken your weekly charge. :)
    We do the blankets to and have a little fan heater, lol!
  8. I didn't realise there was a service charge. Do you know how much it is roughly?
  9. modelmaker

    modelmaker Senior commenter

    I'm currently working with a guy who's been on benefits for a long time. He has a flat in Sheffield but was so desperate for a job he was prepared to work in Kent and catch up with his Sheffield life when he can. On the way back from a trip to York he took the opportunity to call in his flat to do stuff you'd take for granted like collect the mail etc.
    I was astonished by the palava he needed to go to to top up the gas and electricy meters, and how much he is being ripped off to have gas and electricity when times are tough.
    It doesn't really have to be this difficult, does it?
  10. Do you have to have a meter?
    Our DD for gas is £17.40 a month. Don't think we would be able to afford gas on a meter!
  11. It is ridiculous - it is so expensive compared to having a bill. At the moment, like everyone, times are tough until we get paid and at the moment I am having to make the choice between eating or being warm. Never have this issue with a bill - could worry about it next month when the bill comes through. I had the opportunity to switch from a meter when I moved in but the ex kicked up a stink about it saying he didn't want bills. Now he has left and I'm stuck with the flipping thing. I had 3 days with no gas the other week as I couldn't leave work early enough to go and top up (it was the first time I had needed to do it after he left so hadn't organised myself enough to check it was running low. Cold showers before work are not fun).
  12. No point getting it changed now - I'm just biding my time.
  13. Very true [​IMG]

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