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Gardening with Daddy

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daddyorchips, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. I didn't think they were distressing. In fact I found them rather educational.
  2. If you are all Sitting Comfortably :

    Today's plant is............

    Pedunculate Water-starwort ( Callitriche brutia )


    Newts love it !!

    Today's Letter in The Meaning of Flowers is C:

    ?CALLA LILY Magnificent beauty
    ?CALYCANTHUS Benevolence, offside
    ?CAMELLIA (Red) Unpretending excellence,innate
     warmth, alas my poor heart
    ?CAMELLIA (White) Perfected loveliness, without
     blemish, environmental watchdog
    ?CHAMOMILE Energy in adversity
    ?CANDYTUFT Indifference, additives
    ?CANTERBURY BELLS Gratitude, acknowledgement,
    ?CARDINAL-FLOWER Distinction
    ?CARNATION Fidelity, love, safety measures
    ?CARNATION PINK Woman's love
    ?CATALPA Beware of the coquette
    ?CATCHFLY Pretended love, snare,
     unchanging  friendship, low fat
    ?CATTLEYA Matronly grace, mature charms
    ?CEDAR I live but for thee, think of me
    ?CELANDINE Joys to come, woe is me
    ?CENTAURY Delicacy, runs aplenty
    ?CEREUS (night-blooming) Transient beauty
    ?CHERRY-BLOSSOM Spiritual beauty
    ?CHESTNUT-BLOSSOM Do me justice, get a life
    ?CHICKWEED Give an account of yourself, rendezvous
    ?CHICORY Frugality
    ?CHRYSANTHEMUM (Chinese) Loveliness and cheerfulness
    ?CHRYSANTHEMUM (red) I love
    ?CHRYSANTHEMUM (white) Truth, strewth
    ?CINERARIA Always delighted
    ?CISTUS Popular favour
    ?CITRON natured beauty, lemon entry
    ?CLEMATIS (evergreen) Poverty
    ?CLEMATIS Mental Beauty
    ?CLIANTHUS -Self-seeking, worldliness
    ?CLOTBUR Rudeness
    ?CLOVER (four-leafed) Be mine, eat in
    ?CLOVER (white) Think of me
    ?CLOVES Dignity, takeaway
    ?COBAEA Gossip
    ?COLTSFOOT Justice shall be done, i will be back
    ?COLUMBINE Folly
    ?CONVOLVULUS Uncertainty
    ?CORCHORUS Return quickly
    ?COREOPSIS Always cheerful, fixed grin
    ?CORIANDER Hidden worth
    ?CORN-BLOSSOM Riches
    ?CORN-COCKLE Peerless and proud
    ?CORNEL Success crowned you, totally organic
    ?CORNFLOWER Delicacy, refinement
    ?COWSLIP Comeliness, winning grace,
     you are my  divinity
    ?COXCOMB Foppery
    ?CRABAPPLE-BLOSSOM Irritability, tax return
    ?CRANBERRY Cure for heartache
    ?CREEPING CEREUS Modest genius, i do my best
    ?CRESS Power, stability
    ?CROCUS Abuse not, gladness, mirth
    ?CROWFOOT Ingratitude
    ?CROWN IMPERIAL Arrogance, majesty, pride of birth
    ?CURRANT Your frown will destroy me,
    ?CUSCUTA Meanness, no trainers or workboots
    ?CYCLAMEN Diffidence
    ?CYPRESS Despair, mourning, get out more
  3. Something is going to attack my Lucky Bamboo? OH NO ITS NOT!

    *gets out carving knife and stands guard*

  4. enw


    Dear Daddy,

    The pain has finally begun to recede, thanks for the home brewed plonk, but remind me next time to line my stomach with more absorbent lagging.

    I feel like a wilting, trodden upon weed, squished by self indulgence.
  5. *blows on chapped, gnarled fingers*

    Welcome back to The Shed

    Hopefully your alcohol levels have now returned to legal...

    "mixu" i think you are being over-protective with your bamboo.
    give it some space so it can stand on its own two feet. as it were.

    Today's fungus is Chinese Whispers ( Morchella Conica )


    Its tonic & digestive properties make it an ideal snack for those of us who overdid it recently ( you know who i mean, G******s )

    Today's letter in The Meaning of Flowers is D:·
    DAHLIA Elegance and dignity, forever thine·
    DAISY (coloured) Beauty·
    DAISY (Michaelmas) Farewell, hasta la vista
    DAISY (white wild) I will think of it·
    DAISY Innocence, slightly dim
    DANDELION Coquetry, love's oracle·
    DAPHNE Fame, glory, tiebreak
    DARNEL Vice·
    DEW-PLANT Serenade, fog
    DIOSMA Your simple elegance charms me·
    DITTANY OF CRETE (white) Passion, tollbooth
    DOCK Patience, playstation
    DODDER OF THYME Baseness·
    DOGBANE Falsehood·
    DOGROSE Pleasure, split capital
    DOGWOOD Forgetfulness, love undiminished by adverbs

    Enjoy !!
  6. *puts knife away* *slinks off*

    Lucky Bamboo still alive! What I want to know is how is it still alive? This is new to me!

    Lovely homebrew!
  7. Welcome to The Shed

    Today's letter is E:

    EGLANTINE Genius, I wound to heal, poetry, talent
    ELDER Compassion, zealousness
    ENDIVE Frugality
    ESCHSCHOLTZIA Do not refuse me
    EYEBRIGHT Cheer up, get them off
    ENNEL Strength, worthy of praise

    Not many for E !! Eschscholtzia is very very difficult to spell

    Today's Tip:

    Plant your bulbs to make words...then you can send messages to pilots flying over your garden

    *?: ))~
  8. Too late bulbs planted! Lucky B still living!

    Not so good with money plant all the leaves have started falling off! I know I spent a lot at christmas but,,,,,,,
  9. Sorry about that the page size suddenly swelled
  10. Wow - love the colour!
  11. is yours a different colour "mixu" ?
  12. Daddy can you help me? The "front garden" leading up to my miserable hovel(think Coronation Street) is a sort of gravely mess featuring a large nearly dead conifer and some ivy.Hardly the most welcoming scene.

    It's north facing and is crying out for your talent.
  13. Welcome to The Shed "prontoprint"....

    Although the garden faces north you can actually place the flowers so they face south.

    You can make the conifer into an attractive feature by placing gnomes in its branches ...action men are another possibility

    Why not buy a Bigmouth Billy Bass or similar...stick it in the tree to welcome visitors as they approach your dwelling.

    Now we come to the ivy ( Hedera Schmedera ):

    i suggest you spray it gold to give an upmarket look to your garden

    Finally gravel...hello ? this year everyone is putting sand on their garden to get that Lawrence of Arabia ambiance

    Good luck !!

    *©: ))~

  14. Dear Daddy,

    Just thought I would let you know that I am sitting up keeping my plants company just in case the get lonely during the night - do you think this is the right thing to do?

    Your avid fan xx
  15. Welcome back to The Shed....

    It is heartwarming to know that you are "always there" for your plants. Whether they need help right through the night is not for me to say.
    Why not put the plants in your bed then you would not have to sit up with them ?

  16. Cheers Daddy some excellent advice there.I was thinking of getting rid of the conifer and replacing it with pampas grass,you know a 70's cheese and pineapple on sticks theme.

    I can see your ideas involving action men and singing fish would entice more visitors to my garden.
  17. Today's letter in The Meaning of Flowers if F:

    FERN Fascination, magic, sincerity
    FIG Argument, I keep my secret
    FILBERT Reconciliation
    FIR Time, wris****ch
    FLAX Domestic industry, fate, I feel your kindness
    FLEUR-DE-LIS Message, answerphone
    FLOWER-OF-AN-HOUR Delicate beauty
    FORGET-ME-NOT Constancy, true love
    FOUR-O'CLOCK Timidity, tiffin time
    FOXGLOVE Insincerity, stateliness, youth
    FOXTAIL GRASS Sporting, game of two halves
    FUCHSIA Confiding love
    FUMITORY Spleen, tripe

    Today's Speciality Plants : Lichens

    These are increasingly popular with city dwellers...
    they can actually be grown on the walls of any damp area of your house

    Check out these cuties:


    i have some Placopsis Gelida growing in my fridge !!

    *?: ))~

  18. "prontoprint"

    i'm glad that you liked my suggestions...why not have Pampas Grass ( Nololacrimans Argentinensis )
    AND a conifer
    i predict that 1970's retro will be IN in 2005 !!
    Why not have some WOODY shrubs and a BAY tree to celebrate the Rollers ?

    *Â: ))~

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