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Gardening with Daddy

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daddyorchips, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. have to go & watch Wicker Man now !!

    Cheers & see you next year

    *shuts Shed with some difficulty*
  2. Happy New Year Daddy and thanks for making me laugh out loud over the past couple of months.
  3. Daddy - Happy New Year!

    Lucky Bamboo still living!!! yes!
  4. enw



    Hwyl, heddwch, a blwythyn newydd dda.

    Gariad Enw.
  5. Dear Daddy,

    I need some advice!

    Don't worry my Lucky Bamboo is still alive and looks happy. Now it has a couple of twists in it and I would like to add one how do I do this without killing it.

    I am not very lucky with plants but I feel with the name of Lucky Bamboo it should survive me twisting it - what do you think?

    Novice Planty Person
    Mixu x
  6. Asclepias, in sorrowful remembrance of your dibber dear
  7. My dibber????
  8. Daddy's super sharp dibber!
  9. Daddy's super sharp dibber?
  10. mixu
    posts 7,49,52,53
  11. You could have told me instead asking me to work - please just put me out of my misery. Too tired to look back and my lucky bamboo is going to get it!
  12. enw


    Is it morning already? My head hurts and this doesn't look like my bedroom. Why am I in a shed surrounded by bottles of home made plonk?

    OOHH, its all flooding back now!!
  13. Yes!!! HMMMM! A black coffee and some black looks?
  14. enw


    Thanks for the coffe mixu, can you put another one on while I drink this?

    I feel a teensy bit queesy, must be something I ate.
  15. You didn't eat anything it was all that homemade plonk - you wouldn't let anyone near it!
  16. enw


    I can't have drunk all those bottles by myself mixu. I distinctly remember sharing at least one. I think I'll go for a lie down now.
  17. You did offer but when anybody took you up on it you almost took there head of with that spade!!!
  18. mixu

    are you sure it'sblack coffee you're giving out and not baby bio?
  19. enw -are you okay? Not sure if that was coffee or not?
  20. *Pushes open creaky door*

    Happy New Year !!

    i hope The Shed was comfortable for you ladies last night.

    Gracilus don't worry about the dibber...i can fix it with some mistletoe glue

    Any more volunteers for the Calendar ?

    *¶: ))~

    ps sorry for the distressing images of Ms Ekland last night at Bauble's

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