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Gardening with Daddy

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daddyorchips, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Hmmmm...this bag and no water thing.

    Maybe explains the brown stick that once was a rose gifted to me by a pupil last summer.

    Mr Sco has put it out of its misery.
  2. Welcome back to The Shed

    greetings to "Scotia" who has joined us for the first time...

    Let's start looking at the Meaning of Flowers

    Letter A:

    ABUTILON Meditation
    ACACIA (Rose or white) Elegance, friendship
    ACACIA (yellow) Secret love
    ACANTHUS Artifice, fine arts
    ACONITE Lustre, misanthropy, ask the audience
    ADDER'S-TONGUE Jealousy
    ADONIS Sad memories, newspaper
    AGRIMONY Gratitude
    ALLSPICE Compassion, inkpads
    ALMOND (common) Indiscretion, perfidy
    ALOE grief, misplaced boots, religious superstition
    ALTHEA Consumed by love, ice lollies
    ALYSSYM (sweet) Excellence beyond beauty, exemplary modesty
    AMARANTH (coxcomb) Affectation, pretension
    AMARANTH (globe) Constant, unchangeable
    AMARANTH Foppery, immortality, pretension
    AMARYLLIS Beautiful, timid, proud, cheese
    AMBROSIA Love returned, rice pudding
    ANEMONE Fading hope, spin cycle
    ANGELICA Inspiration, magic
    APOCYNUM Falsehood, figment, I doubt you
    APPLE-BLOSSOM Preference
    ARBOR-VITAE (American) immortality
    ARBOR-VITAE I never change, live for me
    ARBUTUS You only do I love, cashback
    ASCLEPIAS Sorrowful remembrance, cheers
    ASH Prudence, with me you are safe
    ASMINE (night-blooming) Love's vigil
    ASPEN Excess of sensibility, fear
    ASPHODEL Memorial sorrow, my regrets follow you to the grave
    ASTER (China) Afterthoughts, love of variety
    AURICULA (scarlet) Pride, trowels
    AURICULA Painting, wealth is not always happiness

    What would you send your loved one ?
  3. I would send arbutus so I could love him only and get cashback.

    Do I get to name the amount?
  4. Splendid Scotia...when we get to letter R you will know why you were given a Rose
  5. Should I be worried daddyo ?
  6. Now my unlucky Bamboo met with an accident yesterday. Miss Mixu knocked the table it was on, it hit our clock knocking it over, domino effect set in and Xmas cards went flying. As the Unlucky Bamboo hit table water poured out ran along an Xams card and trickled water all over Miss Mixu's Head and back.

    I am so worried about the plant - will it be in shock?

    I am distraught please help!
  7. Welcome back to The Shed

    "mixu" thanks for letting us share your problem.

    ((((((((((((((mixu's bamboo)))))))))))))

    there will be an initial shock phase where the plant will be disoriented and may regress to seedling type behaviour
    but with gentle encouragement in a quiet environment your bamboo ( Elevenses Pandensis ) should make a full recovery.
    if not take it to your nearest zoo & chuck it in the panda ( Ursus Sinensis ) enclosure.

    By a Weird Feng Shui type coincidence today's letter for The Meaning of Flowers is B:

    BACHELOR'S BUTTON Devotion, hope, love
    BALM Social intercourse, massage
    BALSAM Impatience, coastline
    BAMBOO Armchair, catalogue clothing
    BARBERRY Sharpness of temper
    BASIL Hatred, hotelier
    BAY-LEAF I change but in death
    BABY'S BREATH Pure of heart, trembly of knee
    BAYBERRY Discipline, instruction
    BEGONIA Deformity, buy one get one free
    BELLFLOWER Constancy, gratitude, I wish to speak to you
    BELLWORT Hopelessness, yoghurt
    BETONY Surprise, i am a Lady
    BILBERRY Treachery, Ringtones
    BITTERSWEET Truth, platonic love
    BLACKTHORN Difficulty, cider
    BLUEBELL Constancy, sorrowful regret
    BLUEBOTTLE Delicacy, insect
    BLUETS Contentment
    BORAGE Bluntness, talent
    BRAMBLE Holiness, remorse
    BROOM Humility, neatness
    BRYONY Prosperity, handbrake
    BURDOCK Importunity, fizzy drink
    BUTTERCUP Riches
    BUTTERFLY-WEED Let me go, because i'm worth it

    See you all in The Shed next year !!

    *¶: ))~

  8. Very worried my Lucky Bamboo I got from Santa is,,,,,,,, I know this will come as a shock........... is still alive!

    What am I doing right?
  9. enw


    Dear Daddy,

    The spring bulbs of tete a tete I stored have all gone mouldy in my damp shed. The others a lined up ready to label months ago, then didn't bother because they were easily identifiable, now all look more or less the same.

    I would love to be in your calendar provided the pictures are tasteful and any flesh revealed will be your cuddly self.

    BTW, hope the mince pies, Christmas pud and chocs are making up for all this gardening. We can't have you wasting away daddy!
  10. Welcome back... The Shed is open for all keen gardeners to celebrate New Year's Eve with a few bottles of cowslip ( Primula Veris ) wine

    Gracilus thanks for the beautiful plant !! i am still trying to identify it from this site:


    here is a gift to you all:


    Mr Jelly...that photo of me in my nettle trimming outfit was taken a few years ago...i would have to SHED a few pounds to get back inside now !!

    "mixu" ...we are keeping our fingers crossed for your bamboo

    enw you will not regret being Miss January...rest assured, all will be done in the most dubious taste

    Cheers !!

    *raises glass in gnarled hand to weatherbeaten lips*
  11. enw


    I hesitate to raise this subject daddy, but what readies are in it for me when I pose artfully for the calendar?

    What month will you feature as Daddy? Plentiful Harvest time seems appropriate!
  12. Assuming that each month is allocated to a different gardener then you would be in line for 1/12 of any profits accruing...

    I would be available for Mr October...

    That leaves 10 months for other people.

    If we sell 80 000 copies at £5.24 each that should keep us in dibbers for the next decade.

    *Ã: ))~

    Anyone need a top up...there is plenty here. Those are not pickled onions Mr Jelly !! they are valuable crocus corms...
  13. Happy New Year Daddy Titmarsh.
  14. & Merry Dimmocks to you my friend
  15. Have you got any of that Vinicus Pussypissyus left...my thirst needs slaking.
  16. (Enters nervously carrying Betony before her)
    I brung you these'n.
    You'm be well aware of their meaning, I venture .
    ( tugs forelock and departs, but pops head back round to say:)
    and a happy gardening new year to you maister.
  17. enw


    I drank home made eldderberry (fourth go, still looks wrong) wine long ago Daddy, it made me want to die the following day to stop the pain.

    Can you guarantee that your Vin de Shed is not going to have the same effect?

    I will have an experimental glass anyway, as its New Years Eve. Just to be sociable you understand!
  18. *rummages behind raffia*

    well, i was going to keep this to celebrate the completion of the calendar but what the heck !!

    *opens large bottle of fizzy liquid*

    Snapdragon Cava !!

    PS thanks for the Betony taster. what are you going to give Nomad ?

    PPS anyone willing to give me Bayberry ?

    Cheers !!

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