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Gardening with Daddy

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daddyorchips, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Oh for goodness sake you two surely you can do better than that!
  2. i don't think those shoes are sensible
  3. You're just being picky.
  4. Ye more Ye merrier Gracilus

    ps your toga has slipped
  5. Are you having problems with your shoes as well, gracilus?
  6. Oh ...I see ...a cross between Steve Strange and Marylin Manson.
  7. Bauble

    teach DT, wear purple Doc Martins, find they complement a toga beautifully
  8. I would love purple Dr Martens
  9. Haveblue flowered ones as well, they may be better for the garden
  10. you stole my boots, I want them back.

    Stamps foot and breaks daddy's dibber
  11. Hey! They are the business Daddy!
  12. enw


    Dear Daddy

    due to the untimely death of my poinsettia I bought some fresh flowers to replace it. There were two large sprigs of rosemary in the bunch. does the rosemary have any seasonal significance, and can I save it for cooking with the lamb when the flowers are dead? :)

    BTW, shopped till I dropped today and have badly overspent in the sales. Could I come down to the shed and help out with odd jobs until term starts?
  13. My ponsettia died within a few moments of buying it - sob!
  14. enw


    I can't be as much of a danger to plants as I thought then mixu, mine lasted nearly a week.

    Looked a lingering death though!!
  15. I did leave it in the plastic bag and never watered it. Was this the wrong way to treat it?
  16. nobody f*cks with Daddy's dibber Gracilus...anyway

    Mr Jelly just bought me another one hahahahahahahaha

    enw and mixu : you will just have to get over your fr*gg*ng poinsettias OK ? most experts agree that it is better to remove the plastic wrapping ...the plants can hear you better . watering is good, but everything in moderation.

    enw i do have a few simple tasks available in The Shed...

    i have decided to do one of those saucy calendars for 2005 & you can be Miss January.

    i will do a section on The Meaning of Plants later today including rosemary ( Rosmarinus Anamnesis )

    *¢{: ))~

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