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Gardening with Daddy

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daddyorchips, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Slugs had a go at my cosmos Cosmos despite being high up in greenhouse. And lily beetles are having a go at the lillies but I can never catch the b*ggers as the jump off the moment they sense movement.
    Am building a wall of slug pellets around my plants ( not the poisonous to children and animals type, slug pellets though).
    I bought a really cheap narrow and long trowel, ideal for planting out bedding.

  2. I have a tip for catching lily beetles - take a glass into the garden (empty!), when you spot the beetle, tap the stem sharply knocking the beetle into the glass. Tip the beetle onto a hard surface and grind to a pulp. It nearly always works! You do have to do this every day though.....but it's fun, in a slightly murderous way!
    I have had dreaful slug problems on my lilies as well - I have had to use pellets, organic ones to get rid of them. They have ignored the cosmos so far.
  3. coffee grounds are splendid for deterring slugs

  4. Coffee grounds are indeed very good for deterring slugs. I save my coffee grounds but unfortunately didn't have enough at the time of the slug attack to do all my containers.
    Starbucks will give you used grounds and, if your local supermarket has a coffee shop, they will too - but you may need to pester them.
    If your compost bin is a little whiffy, pop in coffee grounds - make it small much better!

  5. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    Any advice for getting rid of brambles permanently? I have a baby one growing in my new strawberry bed :(
  6. You can get rid of Titus Bramble by accusing him of raping you...

    cyolba, probably going to get this post deleted
  7. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I want to plant two plum trees this weekend. All the websites say plant between October and early spring. Does it really matter if i plant container grown trees?
  8. No, it doesn't matter at all - those dates refer to bare root trees. Be sure to incorporate plenty of organic matter in the planting hole and water in well whether rain is forecast or not.

    Have fun!
  9. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    That's what I hoped. I knew if I asked enough people I would get the answer I wanted. Now to find a garden centre with some nice trees.

    Husband built a triangular obelisk yesterday out of three bits of trellis. I must say it's looking good and I can't wait for the clematis to grow (got it from Hidcote yesterday - what a joy!)

    I'm loving my new garden.
  10. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Well the holes are dug and half filled with compost and the victoria plums are being delivered on Tuesday. I love the way you can do a bit in the garden and then it does a bit on its own. Knackered now.
  11. impis

    impis New commenter

    Dig it out - get all the roots out as well. As many as you can find, anyway. Its easier to dig them out while they're small so don't lose any time on this.
  12. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter


    Is that a reply to a post last May! How strange.
  13. Do not get caught out by the first frosts !! A carefully placed Waitrose bag can work wonders.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    A blast from the past here! A bit like hairremover.
  15. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    I wonder whether this old thread can be revived, since it's an all time favourite. Will it be an embarrassment to erstwhile posters?

    Let's see.

    Here goes!
    emerald52 likes this.
  16. Jesmond12

    Jesmond12 Star commenter

    I have just skimmed through this thread. It is familiar yet unfamiliar
  17. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    It goes back to 2004 and has 213 pages!!

    Happy reading.
  18. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    And Cyolba is on it!!!

    Can he be banned retrospectively? We can bring back the banned!
    Except we're not supposed to refer to them or talk about them.

    emerald52 likes this.
  19. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Gardening with Daddy was the only occasion I can think of when I felt troubled by him. He was actually a very good gardener who knew exactly what sort of animal shoite needed to be dug into the soil to bring up the best vegetables, and he talked once or twice about planting dead animals in the trenches underneath the seeds and tubers.

    He knew about a world most of us have forgotten about or never been taught. Although I asked him to tell me all he knew about gardening, he managed to find a way of changing the subject and just as he refused to pass on the iron-fighting skills that kept a roof over our heads, but ultimately resulted in his demise, when in the year after he drew his first pension payment, he died from a cancer attributed to welding fumes, I'm wondering whether he knew deep down how people can die from handling soil.

    My fondest memory of my dad and his gardening skills occurred in the Penzance Woolworths. He had gone down that way to retire and used the occasion of my visiting my parents there to have me drive him down to the shop to buy some grass seed for their new garden.

    He had a brief scan of the shelf they kept the grass seeds on then grabbed a couple of boxes of the cheapest. It was probably on special offer. Another man in the aisle who had been studying the array of grass seed for some time but was indecisive about which one to select asked my dad if he knew a bit about grass seed,

    My dad said "This ain't a bad one, but if you want a good tip, if you mix it in with a few pints of beer before you sew it, you'll find it comes up already half cut.

    The man took out a notebook and wrote this down. My dad sighed and told me not to end my days in Cornwall.
    emerald52 likes this.
  20. cosmosinfrance

    cosmosinfrance Star commenter

    I'm delighted to see this thread resurrected and hope it's much used again. I miss the old gardening forum especially 'can you identify this plant?', It was sometime a real challenge.

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