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Gardening with Daddy

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daddyorchips, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Try this......take several garlic cloves, cut them in half and strew them around your chilli plant. Aphids are said to hate the smell of garlic so it may well help to keep them at bay. Having said that, I do recommend that you have a good squashing session first or squoosh them with some very diluted washing up liquid.
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Thanks cosmos. Last year I tried mashing up a habanero chilli, blending it with water and spraying it on the plants. I figured that the plants wouldn't be damaged by their own substance but the aphids might be. What I didn't figure was that I'd created a highly effective pepper spray which did more harm to me than it did to the bloody aphids - I was spluttering for some time afterwards.

    Garlic sounds worth a try, plus I can sit next to my chillies, close my eyes and imagine I'm in France.
  3. Did anyone see Gardener's World a week or so ago? Monty made a garlic brew (boiled up cloves/bulbs in water and strained it off) and then use it as a slug-deterring spray for his plants - might have been hostas....not sure.
  4. I've been using that for years - it is very effective against aphids and there is some evidence to suggest that it works against slugs too.
    Take an empty pop bottle and pop 3 or 4 garlic cloves in and top up with water. Leave tobrew for a week or so and then decant into a clean squooshy bottle. You have to hit the aphids in order to kill them off so you have to remember to turn over the leaves and get the little b*ggers hiding.
    Your plants do smell a tad garlicky but the smell soon disappears!
  5. yep.
    I can remember the name for Buddleia so I don't tend to call it a butterfly plant, although we used to. the indoor plants I can never remember the real name, and they look like butterfly wings. So butterfly plant it is.

  6. Indoor plant?
  7. oh yes. grow them as house plants and they are v happy on the window sills. Some have escaped into the garden, but I prefer them indoors.
  8. Doh! Sorry, I didn't realise you'd gone back to talking about the one in your picture. My mum grows them inside too but I find they're great ground cover in the garden and bees love the flowers.
  9. Yes, I did, its summer - my brain is switching off. The bees do like them, and hoverflies! I have a garden full of hoverflies atm. I like them too, tho they disrupt the sunbathing if I wear the yellow bikini...
    I went to Hidcote gardens yesterday, had a picnic in the wilderness area (it's really beautiful - a series of 'rooms' each with different ideas/themes - lots of Arts and Crafts influences.) I suffered really badly from Dahlia envy - glorious colour and the whole place was awash with lovely beasties. I can totally recommend it on a visit to the Cotswolds.
  10. impis

    impis New commenter

    Just popped by to say that our school garden has won first prize in the 'Britain in Bloom's' ' Best School Garden' in our authority. We have won £100 in garden centre vouchers. This is the 2nd time we have won the prize. [First won it about 4 years ago]. It is quite a large ornamental and vegetable garden, with pond, and is completely maintained by the pupils, myself, and a couple of classroom assistants working out there just half a day per week.
    I'm so proud of the kids' achievements in this!
  11. Congratulations ! This is very impressive. We have various teachers working on this at school but all they manage to do really is keep the weeds at bay for a while. Attempts at growing stuff is difficult because the vegetables grown get eaten by slugs sooner or later.
    Can anyone tell me if you can plant miniplugs straight into the ground or should they be potted on first. I'm about to order some and was tempted to get lots and pass them on to school as there is zilch money for plants at school (I was thinking violas and pansies.) I've never bought plugs before.
  12. Just seen your post. Dahlias always remind me of my Grandad who used to grow them everywhere. they were glorious, all colours of the rainbow He was alway wanting cardboard boxes as he dug them up every winter. He also used to save the seed and grow from seed.
    I've had lovely show from dahlias. But no luck in saving the tubers (I wrote tubas first time LOL!) over winter, nor with geraniums, fuschias or begonias for that matter [​IMG].
    I planted some tubers this year but the slugs must have got to them before I remembered planting them and started wondering what had happened to them. By then it was too late to buy tubers and could only get small forced pots which were nowhere like as impressive.
    As a child I remember the smell of dahlias and shaking the earwigs out of them !
  13. Forgot to say I've never managed to make it to Hidcote. I want to see their roses
  14. I am almost loathe to recommend it, because each time I visit I am the only visitor, but the rose garden at Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, is even better than Hidcote. A huge walled garden with roses representing four centuries of rose growing. Glorious.
  15. I never lift the tubers - if you wanna grow in my garden, you need to just get on with it... I've got a ten year old yellow Dahlia in full bloom at present and in the early morning and evening light it glows [​IMG]every year I mean to move it as it interferes with the washing line, but I never get round to it.

  16. I lost quite a few plants last year with the cold so am guessing we just have it too cold for dahlias or else they are winter slug food.
    Is it too early to sow broad beans. Want to fill up my veg beds again.
  17. Well i'm not sure how many are going to rush up to Aberdeen !
    Fortunately diva lives nearby so will put it on my list of wishes for 2012
  18. valentine's day is slug hate day in jardin flutters - pellets out around where i vaguely recall having dahlias the previous summer...

    and I doubt I'll get up to aberdeen, the scottish contigent of our family are all but gone. and were never that far north anyway! So your beautiful sounding garden treasure is saved at least one pair or feet!
  19. Oh good! Still, I did mention it.......[​IMG]

  20. Potted on.

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