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Gardening - Bug Advice

Discussion in 'Personal' started by dande, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Started to do some gardening with my daughter this summer. Started off fairly small with some sunflowers and courgettes.
    Sunflowers grew well and have since died. I need to remove these. Courgettes have grown, flowered and we've even had some lovely fresh ones to eat. There are plenty more flowers and more courgettes growing at present so looking forward to many more.
    However, discovered today one of the sunflower heads is covered in what appears to be small black insects/flies. They seem to have longish rear legs and some have small wings. Does anybody know what these might be? I recall we had some attack the windows earlier in the summer! These 'bugs' were mostly confined to one sunflower but did notice some similar ones in among the courgette flowers. Are these potentially dangerous to my plants or simply harmless? How can I get rid of them? (The infected sunflower has now been removed but I fear perhaps too late!)
    Your assistance is much appreciated!
  2. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    They are blackfly by the sounds of it - the black equivalent of greenfly. Horrible, voracious little oiks! Get a spray and nuke them! You may have to use the spray every day for a few days to fully get rid of them. I have had similar outbreaks recently. I have an organic spray that does the trick. Just bought from B & Q. Good luck!
  3. I agree with kibosh. Google blackfky and see if they are the same thing. You need to act fast as they will take over very quickly!
  4. Can you come and sort it out for me?
    What about the ones that are in the heads of the courgettes?
  5. Do they look like this?

    If so, they are indeed blackfly and must be eradicated. Go for an organic spray as that won't damage any beneficials in your garden
  6. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Well . . . . .they eat into the brain of the courgette and render your courgettes a bit floppy.
    Only joking! Just eat them. Black fly taste like caviar.
  7. Just been for another look. Think this is them. The big ones are about 5mm each. There also seem to be some greenflies as well.

    I am most upset!
  8. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    No wonder, it's like an alien invasion. Nuke them with a spray. Give it 3 - 4 days. Smile again.
  9. No. You want Bug Clear which is suitable for fruit and veg but still fairly effective. Spray liberally and wash your veg carefully before eating.
  10. Do the spraying bit tomorrow. I'm pretty sure you can get Bug Clear in Tesco, if not B&Q certainly stock it.
  11. Will have to leave it until Wednesday as away tomorrow
  12. Might get a chance to buy it tomorrow and do it late on!
  13. They breed faster than you can imagine. If you really can do it tomorrow go and make up a really weak solution of water and washing up liquid and squirt that at them.
  14. That's what I tend to use airy - it works very well indeed.
  15. Hmm... food for thought. Thanks
  16. Ok, have now purchased Bug Clear. However, it says do not use on crops in open flower! I have bugs inside the flowers of my courgettes. Please advise.

  17. Cut off the flowers. Spray the rest of the plant liberally. Hope for the best.
  18. You are full of doom and gloom
  19. I am going to go and get rid of the sunflowers first and then take a closer look at the courgettes. Could I remove bugs with a pair of tweezers?
  20. Actually, you could just spray the whole lot. You'll lose the flowers anyway 'cos the spray makes the ones which haven't already started fruiting drop off but if your plants are otherwise healthy there's plenty time for them to make more. Or you could try the washing up liquid approach first in the hope that it works but IME it's less effective in the long run.

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