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Garden toys/games for 18 months+

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by wormburger, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm wondering whether anyone has good ideas for things you can do in the garden with an 18 month old? We are lucky in that we have a big garden but it is quite awkward, 30 steps and v steep lawn at the front and then three terraced sections at the back. We have some lwan and some patio.
    At the moment we have a ball and a trike, neither of which are popular! Typically, the pegs and compost are popular with LO! We tend to just do a lot of wandering around,which I'm bored of even if she isn't! It would be great to have some proper outside toys but we live near a great park so we don't need big equipment.
    What would people recommend? I'm thinking mini trampoline and maybe wendy house? Any ideas where I can get this type of thing cheaply?!
    Thanks in advance! x
  2. My 18 month old chooses to spend most of her time in the garden playing with plastic flower pots. She fills them up with 'things', mostly gravel from our pathway! Sometimes leaves as well.
    I would also be interested to hear other people's ideas.
  3. Hi
    Not sure what will be practical for your garden - ours is on separate levels but OH has sorted it pretty well so LO has areas to play in.
    We have a house, a work bench, a bike and a climbing frame (all given to us) also little tykes car, quad bike and a rocking horse. However he is far more interested in walking around and shouting at the birds and our dog and some (ridiculous) pot ducks that OH bought home from his uncles. I think these will come into play when he is a bit older. (16 months at the mo)
  4. We have a wendy house, mini trampolineand a sand pit. The sandpit and trampoline are massive hits, the wendy house is a bit hit and miss, but it's not a particularly sturdy one so it blows around in the wind.
  5. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Ooh I want a wendy house just for myself! How about a sandpit- they are quite cheap from Early Learning Centre and you buy the special sand to put in, add a few plastic containers and you have hours of fun. Paddling pool/ ball pit for the summer?
  6. I recommend gardening equipment, wheelbarrow spade etc.
  7. Water and washing up liquid in a washing up bowl with pots/toys/mini watering can? Water is always fun! My cousin's kids also have their baby bath filled with sand and spend hours messing with it, especially if there are hidden pennies in there!
  8. sjw2007

    sjw2007 New commenter

    By far the best toy we have bought is a water tray! We have the little tikes island adventure one but there are loads around. (A friend got hers in tesco with tesco clubcard vouchers). We even used it through the winter with a snowsuit on and warm water. Would totally recommend!
  9. Thanks so much for the suggestions. Think we'll go for a mini trampoline, some sort of wendy house and a sandpit. I had had the same idea about using Clubcard vouchers sjw. I'll try and wait for them to do their next 'double up' promotion and then we should have enough to get everything. OI'd be happy getting second hand stuff, but it's not really the sort of thing you see in charity shops.
  10. Keep an eye on freecycle / netmums local to you section. I've seen 'bigger' outdoor toys come up on these. Or maybe put a wee ad in your local paper?
  11. So I've been a bit more creative the last few days...We have played with chalks on the patio - initially a hit then she progressed to eating them after 10 seconds of drawing! We have also thrown ball pool balls at Daddy whilst he mowed the lawn, that was v popular! This afternoon we've hidden toy Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle in the garden and played hide and seek.
    I've found a pretty good half price plastic wendy house in Toys R Us for £50, plus a mini trampoline and sand pit with lid, all v reasonable. I'm not going to buy it all at once, she'll go crazy!

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