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garden help

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mangomouse, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I have a five litre container which i use for weed killer on my drive. It has a hand pump system to allow me to spray the weed killer onto the drive which works well .The top opens to allow the liquid in. BUT everytime it empties i cannot open it again to refill. i have released the pressure out of the system , i have tried opening the screw top with a metal rod in the handle to give more leverage and tried to hold the container between my feet to stop the base moving but i STILL cant open it. It is too big to fit into a vice on the work bench . In the past i have had problems with this but have always just about managed it . HELP...... any suggestions to get it open please. Thanks :) I put on this board as it seems most used
  2. umm....WD40? or google the make and model?
  3. Or buy a goat.
  4. lol @goat ... im already surrounded by sheep ( who unfortunately dont know the difference between grass to eat and plants ( not to eat)
    but will try the wd40 idea thank you [​IMG]

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