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Games to play in tutor time

Discussion in 'English' started by Miri, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Hi Reidling,

    I've looked for your powerpoints on the resources site but couldn't find them- could you point me in the right direction or email then to me- i'd be internally grateful!


  2. Hello there,
    After reading some of your astute comments, I thought I may share something that I have created with you:.
    As a very experienced teacher of History, English, RS, Geography, Business Studies and Media Studies, (it was originally just History but it seems like I have now taught everything!!) over the years I have made a log of every new lesson activity that I have ever used and developed.
    I have found this log to be extremely useful as before I plan a lesson, I quickly refer to it to see which of these generic activities I could use to quickly create a very stimulating and diverse lesson.
    There are 100 activities that serve as a template to use for ANY lesson. (Including primary school lessons; I have used them just as religiously during my intermittent projects in primary schools. The kids love them!). These activities range from the simplest activities such as gap-fills to more complex interactive rating and assessment exercises. There are some really fun activities!
    I have consequently decided to produce a lesson-planning pack which fully explains how each activity can be used in a lesson. Alongside this, I have also created a compendium of 25 exemplary PowerPoint activities.
    Quite honestly, this makes lesson planning infinitely easier and I am so glad I?ve done it. It occurred to me that every teacher would want a copy of this and thus, I?ll be honest, I thought I could make a little pocket money from this at the same time.

    Thus, if you are interested in the pack of 100 activities and 25 PowerPoint activities, then could you please e-mail me at tetaylor25@gmail.com registering your interest. I will send a link from which you can download this file at the cost of £3 payable by paypal or debit card. It?s that easy.

    Alternatively, just simply follow this DIRECT link to get the file immediately:


    (or just copy and paste the link into your address bar)
    Any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.
  3. Sorry to those who asked me to email the resources- I've just moved house and am waiting for BT to install a new line so I can get the t'internet.... a week later and about 4 hours on hold and I still am without so if I'll try to send as soon as I'm up and running.... my school blocks email :(
  4. Reidling - I did the first riddles ppt with my tutor group last friday - they absolutely loved them!!!
  5. Reidling or any other experiended tutor, I am starting soon with a new tutor group and want to do some games and nice stuff with them until the end of the year..You seem to be full of great ideas and resources, could I get some of the games you doing with your lot??thanks in advance!!
    Thanks in advance!
    my e-mail: clabzh@hotmail.com
  6. Hi,
    I know this was ages ago now, but is there any chance I could have a copy of the resources too? I've got a year 7 form for the first time in September, after having year 11 for 3 years, and I'm dreading trying to find activities for them!
    Thanks :eek:)

  7. Hi reidling
    2 years on and I am in the same position as lots of other teachers - teaching KS3 for the first time for years and I would love some of your game/riddles/puzzles.
    Would you be kind enough to email me some.
    Many, many thanks
  8. Hi Reidling,
    Do you still have these games on Power point? I am currently working as a Cover Supervisor, hoping to complete ny teacher training in a couple of years time. I usually take a tutor group and would love to try some new activities with them.
    My email is snolan@wadebridge.cornwall.sch.uk
    I would be very grateful if you could send them to me.
    Many thanks
  9. Pls could you send me your games & power points if you
    have a chance.
    Thanks very much
  10. Sounds brilliant. Thanks in advance.
  11. laticsbird

    laticsbird New commenter

    Tutor-time games.
    Hi, please would you be so kind as to email me your fab-sounding resources? I've tried the link but am having trouble.
    Many, many thanks.
  12. Hi,
    Could you send me the Powepoints of the games that you play with your 8 year olds?
    I'd really appreciate it very much.
    My e-mail id is gita_siva@yahoo.com

  13. Hi, please can you email me your powerpoint on KS4 tutor time activities


    Thank you so much
  14. please will you send me the powerpoint, im a cover supervisor and this would be brilliant.
    many thanks debbie carter
  15. Hi reidling, I'd be really grateful if you could also send the powerpoint to me. My email address is drewsjoberg@hotmail.com. Thanks
  16. Sorry neither of these links are taking me to your powerpoint directly. I would really appreciate it if you could sent me the powerpoint at amneris@live.co.uk

  17. I would love to have a power point of games you play with students in tutor times please. Please mail this to iai@gladesmore.com. Thanks a lot. iai

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