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Games to play in tutor time

Discussion in 'English' started by Miri, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Look fantastic - thanks.
  2. kellen

    kellen New commenter

    Ahhh, I think i love you reidling;)
  3. These sound absolutely fab, thanks for posting the links. Unfortunately, when I try to download, I get a blamk page.....never happened before, HELP! Could someone who already has them email please???
  4. I am also only getting a blank page. Can anyone also tell me what I am doing wrong? I would really appreciate a copy of these resources.
  5. Not sure what's happening with the links... Here they are again...



    If it's still not working then let me know and I'll email them to you when I get home tonight.

    Something else that I sometimes do is play the class 7 minutes or so of a film. I give them focus questions (like what someone said, what was in the background, what colour something was etc) and get them to answer them secretly. I then divide them in to 'pub quiz' teams and ask them a selection of questions (some that they've been looking out for and more questions that they haven't) they have to answer them secretly in their groups then pass them up to me to mark- I usually have some small prizes, or give out merits for the winners. I did this for a whole lesson once- period 5 at the end of term- had loads of questions and the class loved it! It's good to test their listening skills, and it's also group work too. I have copies of my questions to 5 minutes of Shrek 2 Far Far Away idol and 37 minutes of Brewster's Millions if anyone wants them...

  6. jennye55

    jennye55 New commenter

  7. Just to jump on the bandwagon, and also thank reidling for the really good, fun resources; I spent my free today knocking one together (so much more fun than marking!)
    I've posted this too. Here's the link


    Thanks again reidling, your ideas have inspired me!
  8. Ooh thanks for this BlueSky1!

    My rules for the game are slightly different if you want them for a twist, or if your classes are as lively as mine!...

    I have the class split in to 2 groups (boys and girls usually) a member from EACH team comes up to the front and sit with their backs to the IWB- we toss a coin to see which team gets to describe first. For example- the boys win the toss and go first, the member at the front has to pick one of their team members to describe the item and they are given 1 minute only to describe it- if the minute passes (or if they mention one of the banned words, or if others shout out) then it passes to the girls. Then the next time is the girl's etc... I let each member from the front choose the next person to come up...

    I tried it with the teams just shouting out at once but it got so manic and difficult to control as they got too excitable, so it's better (with my classes anyway!) to have it more ordered with penalties for shouting out.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed them and they inspired you to do some- they can get quite addictive to make!!

  9. Thank you Reidling and BlueSky1, I have now been able to download your resources. I am looking forward to tomorrow's tutor time, which I know will be enjoyable. Such simple ideas, I can see how I could easily adapt them and get the kids into the IT room, for them to create their own versions for us to use. Don't you just love Google images!
  10. I'd love them too please, if you have a moment!
    Many thanks!
  11. Hi reidling,

    I'm still getting a blank page and i really wanted to download them. Please could you send me a copy. It's madaboutscrubs@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you so much..you've got some great ideas!

  12. hsavager

    hsavager New commenter

    I love anagrams of football teams(great as a quiet game for Monday morning). How many words can you make out of Manchester United?
    Man, chest, her, ranch, untied... those long winter evenings fly by...
  13. Reidling - these are FAB!! Will definitely be using them. But ... what on earth is Mallet's mallet?
  14. Ooh the classic Mallet's Mallet!!! Do you not remember Wackaday with the eccentric Timmy Mallet?!! "Look into the camera say blah..."!!! Google him....all the childhood memories will come flooding back!!
  15. I would be SO grateful if you could possibly send me those games too Reidling, if you're not ridiculously sick of nagging? Feel bad for my lovely form as am always a bit too flustered to plan special things for them. Thanks so much in anticpation!

  16. Wackaday? ... Timmy Mallet? Nope, have no recollection of him at all. Further elucidation required re the game! :)
  17. Mallet's Mallet is a word association game- you basically have 2 members from each team come to the front of the class- you show one of the words and they take it in turn to come up with another word that is associated to it...for example:

    Ocean....sea....fish....chips....vinegar...sour etc etc

    Once someone stumbles (I do a 5 second countdown)- if they can't think of a word then the other team wins the point. Then the next 2 members come up...

    Is that clear? :)

    annatee- I'll try to remember to email you the attachments tonight....it takes a while to send, and my connection isn't good at the moment so it might be quicker just to download from the resources section...the links are somewhere in this thread

  18. yeah, thanks reidling - still have no recollection though!
  19. Thanks reidling would be fab if you could send them as am just getting the blank page with 'advertisement' written on it. s tantaslising as they sound so great!! Whenever you have time would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

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