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Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by MONOPOLY23, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hello.
    I have been doing a bit of GBL with my class but have been confronted with some serious questions from older, more experienced and generally very good teachers about the REAL benefits of it.
    what are your thoughts? do you think it's just another fad and soon everyone will realise it is a waste of time and we should be focusing on good old traditional teaching with our youngest?
    feel free to be as blunt as you like. I wouldn't have asked for opinions if I didn't want to hear.
  2. How old are the kids?

    I believe that anything that makes learning more enjoyable will become more memorable for the pupils and (ultimately) ensure what they have learnt stays with them.
  3. I suppose it depends whether you feel there are learning benefits as well as the dilema that: isn't playing games what parents should do at home with kids (although some never do).
    On the other hand I am an ASN teacher and use games in all areas of the curriculum to consolidate and extend, to make learning more fun and engaging as playing games very rarely involves alot of reading, which my pupils often struggle with. On the basis of this experience I would say games work well when you have small numbers I couldn't imagine trying to have a games time with 30 kids.
  4. We use BAND HERO, in S1 they have different bands with a mix of the pry. schools in each band.

    They make band names, design band Posters, DVDs etc. They only actually play the game once !

    It's just another theme.

    I had LT Scotland PS3s, Mario Kart etc and used that in Graphics as a trial.

    Lots of issues around equipment, battery charging and controlling the time on the game. I came to the conclusion that they don't actually need me to be there !

    It's a bit like Youtube, you can show a TV programme that's contextual and they watch it whereas they would not choose to watch the same programme in the home, but would choose to watch another programme.

    I have taught for 15 years so try all the new 'fad' stuff and just blend it with what already works.
  5. xmal

    xmal Established commenter

    Surely reading should be the priority. What specifically are they learning with games?

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