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Gallstones and time off.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by cococherry, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    After 6 months of excruciating abdominal pain and endless nights of vomiting and no sleep, an ultrasound has found 3 gallstones, one is 6.5cm. I am due to see a surgeon this week, and this will be my second week signed off work. I am worried about missing time off school and feel guilty for letting colleagues and my children down. How long did other sufferers take off school? I am hoping that after my operation and a few days rest I will be able to go back. What were your experiences?
  2. Listen carefully:
    No no no no no.
    A few days off is not going to do it. I had my gall bladder out years ago before keyhole so my experience won't be anything like yours but I have known lots of people who had keyhole since.
    The pain of a large gallstone is debilitating and the effect on your digestion not to be underestimated. The operation requires a general anaesthetic and you will need (that's NEED) at least a week off after the op. Honestly, if you try and rush back to something as utterly inessential as a teaching job that can be covered by someone else, you will feel **** for months.
    You don't bring on a gallstone by irresponsibility or recklessness. You aren't letting anyone down by having one removed. Sh*it happens. They can deal with it.
  3. Rushing back to work after my last op (not for the same as you I add here) had devastating consequences on my health - I shoul dhave taken a couple of weeks more off rather than been ill for what amlounted to 6 months as a result.....

    An op takes a lot out of you that you just do not realise!

    Have you been given an op date yet - not iwshing to alarm but in some places the wiating list if 5months! You my wish to seek further advice re how to make the symptoms less problematicif at all possible - and accept that this mayy mean that you are off work longterm until AFTER the recovery from the op...

    Noone will write your epitaph based on you making a martytr of yourself for a schoolthat would have managed - you are NOT indispensible!!! Your health though is a one shot only...
  4. AND I might add, you will feel a bit iffy for 24 hrs but pleasantly surprised at how quickly you feel not too bad at all. Don't be deceived into going back within the week, and remember that your GP has to sign you off. You aren't insured to breeze back in when you feel a bit better.
  5. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I was repeatedly ill and kept trying to struggle in prior to the op (keyhole).
    When I had it I was signed off for two weeks.
    I never went back (but that was due to other factors).
    Lily is right.

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    First of all, much sympathy on the gallstones - I remember it well!
    Secondly, you need to be sensible about this. It is a serious op and it will take time to recover from it. As long as it takes.
    Finally - no guilt! Staff and children will survive perfectly well without you - sorry, but they will!
    You need to make sure you are fully recovered before going back.
    Hope you don't have to wait too long to get it sorted!
  7. I got rushed into A&E four weeks ago, and gallstones have since been diagnosed.
    I had to have two weeks off after the orginal 'attack' and since going back last week, had another day off last week after another attack, and yet another two days off this week after another attack.
    I see the consultant in 5 weeks, and have been told to expect the op around 6 weeks after that (I live in Suffolk).

    The trouble is, I only started my job at the start of January! I've had equal amounts of time there, as I have been signed off!

    I feel awful about it, and I really don't know what the next few weeks will hold before I have the op, that is IF I'm allowed the op.
    Everyone (GP, A&E staff) have told me they'll 'whip it out' but I'm very overweight, and I have friends who have been told to lose vast amounts of weight before they're allowed the operation - I don't know what I'll do if that's the case.
    Needless to say, I'm being careful about what I eat already.

    Good luck with your op - I'll be interested to hear what it's like.

    I can't wait for mine, I'm at the end of my rope already! x
    Gem x
  8. A friend of mine has been told to lose four stone before they will operate on his gallstones. How the bloody hell long will that take????
  9. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    4 months?
  10. cococherry, remember any operation that involves a general anaesthetic will take a fair while to recover from. You're best off taking a week or more to let your body work it through, even if there's no pain or other direct impacts of the surgery itself.
    You will still have episodes of brain fog and of fatigue, but they'll be much less serious and much less often if you take the right amount of time off immediately after the op.
  11. redgrape

    redgrape New commenter

    My other half had this done a couple of years ago, he was told 3 weeks. He never had time off work but did discover it left him feeling very weak just after the op & easily fatigued. Do listen to what they tell you & take the time off to get well.

    Take care of yourself, your health is important not the job!
  12. I was diagnosed with appendicitis 18 months ago and when I was being scanned for that they also discovered that I had gallstones. I had my appendix out and went back after 2 weeks which in hindsight I realise was way too soon. I was on a reduced timetable as exam classes had left but was still exhausted. Six months after that I had my gallbladder removed. School knew and it was a planned absence with one person covering my classes. This time I was off for 4 weeks. I still find it difficult to stand for very long periods or carry very much. Even with key hole surgery, they are still cutting through the muscles that support your torso and therefore do major work.
    Have the op, watch what you eat (as this still can cause a problem) and take the time you need.

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