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Gall Bladder removal advice please

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by betsy66, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hi I know it's been covered before but was just wanting some advice from people who've had it done or know anything about it. I have had problems for over a year and finally have my appointment for removal in 3 weeks time. I just want to know what to expect. I have been signed off work for 2 months now and will go back after Easter hols so will luckily have about 4 weeks to recover. Do symptoms disappear straight after? How long does the gas pain caused by the keyhole surgery last?
    I have been told it's usually day surgery so what do you feel like in the days following? Do the scars rub on bras etc? Will I need to wear anything to prevent this? When can you eat normally? They have said no driving for a week and no heavy lifting for a fortnight. I have a 12 month old and other then my husband who works full time I don't have anyone to help. No idea how i'm not going to lift him etc. He isn't walking yet so haven't really got a choice. He is in full time nursery and don't know whether it will be best to drive him the short distance there or to lift all day. Will this be possible 2 days after op?
    Sorry for all the questions I'm just concerned about what to expect and how i'm going to manage to do things.
  2. incisions where quite painful to start with and I ended up sleeping in the armchair in my living room for about 5 nights before I felt comfortable enough to sleep in my bed. One of my scars is quite close to my bra so I did have to go braless for a while. You can hardly see my scars anymore and it not even been a year since my op. It took me about a month to start eating properly but I suppose that’s different for each individual. I lived on mash potato for nearly 3 weeks before my mum and friends starting forcing me to eat other things and that when my appetite gradually came back but it took longer to eat the same amount of food that I used to. It took me 2 weeks to feel confident to drive but again I suppose it depends on the person. Do try and walk as much as you can (only short distances to start) it really helped me. When I went back to work after 2 weeks I couldn’t even walk up the corridor without getting out of breath.
    I hope some of this helps, if you want to ask anymore questions feel free : )

  3. They hadn't invented keyhole when I had mine out so I have a planned ten-inch scar across my midriff. The open abdominal op is obviously much more disabling than keyhole but let's look on the bright side and presume yours is uneventful. I found that apart from the pain of the scar (not great) and the lingering discomfort of having your liver separated and moved around (I don't know if they have to do that with keyhole) I was well enough to go home after five days, weak but in no particular pain. I didn't have any gas pains but they didn't have to inflate me.
    I was eating normally by the time I left hospital and all the gallstone symptoms disppeared straightaway after surgery. Ian4 is right about the walking - my fear of needles made me reject the daily heparin injection and the deal was that I had to get out of bed, push my drip stand, carry my drain bag, and walk up and down the long corridor once an hour. My rapid recovery was put down to the walking.
  4. Thank you for answering more of my questions! Feel I know a bit more about what to expect whether I have key hole or end up with traditional. I will certainly try and walk around a lot to speed up recovery. I have officially being signed off for the 2 weeks following the op, I have been very lucky in that these then run into the hols.
    Thanks also for the advice on what to expect eating wise. The main reason I have been signed off for several weeks now is my weight. I am struggling to maintain a healthy weight as the low fat diet is causing me to lose even more. I was a size 12/14 to start with so not huge and now I'm a 8/10 with a frame that really should be more, think the heroin chic look of the 90's!! Not good! At work I ended up catching so many sicky bugs etc that I was losing weight rapidly and the Dr's theory is that away from the bugs and on a low fat high calorie/high carb and sugar diet I should be able to maintain it a bit better till the op. Hopefully after the op and when eating some fats I can put some on. Hopefully with a view to another baby next year.
    Ian4 you have made me feel more confident that after a few weeks of not being great post op there is life after gallstones!
  5. I had mine out last year and it was a doddle. My doctor didn't put me on any special diets and I haven't changed what I eat. I had about 4 weeks off but could have done with 5. If you are healthy then you shouldn't notice any difference in bowel movements etc. My sore gall bladder has gone and that was a great relief. Bio oil is great for the scars (which are tiny anyway) and they heal quite quickly. Good luck, you'll be fine!
  6. Just a quick update. I had my op last Saturday and i'm doing ok. Everything went to plan and I was out that evening. Have sufferered really badly with the gas pains in my chest and shoulders and definately had less painful contractions and it is only now slightly easing but breathing still hurts. Have had peppermint cordial suggested and i'm going to give it a go tomorrow. The scars aren't painful and seem to be healing well. Have bio oil at the ready!
    I'm glad I listened and my husband has had a week off work, just couldn't have done the lifting and driving. Had a bad day yesterday after eating loads of fats but think it was just a case of too much too soon. Also seem to still have heartburn but again hoping this is going to pass when everything settles down. Wasn't quite prepared for how much it's all knocked me out but really glad it's over and i'm healing.
    Thanks again for the replies x

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Glad you're on the mend!

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