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Gaining QTS after completing PGCEi?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by a_nofal, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Pat10

    Pat10 New commenter

    Gaining QTS through the AO route is all about proving you have the experience. Yes I was able to use some evidence from my time teaching abroad. When you apply and are accepted onto the AO route, an assessor will meet up with you to discuss a plan of action. Therefore, you won't really know until you've met your assessor. The Universities in the UK that provide AO route should be able to provide you with information about how it works, so I would suggest contacting them first.
  2. Pat10

    Pat10 New commenter


    It worked out for me so I would recommend the course. However, I did the AO route when I returned to the UK. I was working in an LEA school and applied to the AO route as soon as I was offered the post back in the UK. It was a struggle because I was being paid as an unqualified teacher on the pay scale and had to fork out for the AO route myself - in my opinion it was all worth it. I got through the process relatively quickly as I was lucky to work in some very good schools abroad and had accumulated a lot of useful experience, which I had documented. Hope that helps.
  3. Pat10

    Pat10 New commenter

    First of all I found a job in the UK. I did mention in the interview that I was planning to do the AO route. I'm pretty sure you will need to be in a School first before you apply (you have to do this yourself rather than the University find a placement for you) - basically you will need to sort out your UK placement first. Then the University you apply to will guide you through the process. Hope this helps.
  4. caz1607

    caz1607 New commenter

    I have just completed my PGCEi at University of Nottingham and am also interested to find out how you went about gaining QTS in the UK. It would be great if you could send me more information regarding who you did it through, how long it took etc.

    Thanks in advance!
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  5. kalayne1985

    kalayne1985 New commenter

    Hi, great community BTW, first time post here ...
    I am looking to do the PGCEi with Nottingham and then wish to pursue further into FE (specifically teaching Art and Design). You said that QTLS is better for FE level, but they don't accept PGCEi qualifications - do this mean that one would have to do the AO QTS route first before being able to move towards FE level?

    Im yet to find any clear information on becoming a FE teacher whilst abroad at international schools etc. My degree is in Art, its my goal to teach at A-level / Foundation level and trying to find a clear path.

    (I'd just like to add that I fully respect the differences in the PGCE and PGCEi courses, and whilst Nottingham is being rejected in some places, its simply not feasible for me right now to do the mentor based courses - my current school is run by CEO/ administration stormtroopers - very unfriendly and don't give a hoot for their teacher's professional development, so this is kind my only route out of this as far as I can see right now)

    Any help is totally welcome!
  6. Capricorn2412

    Capricorn2412 New commenter

    No not necessarily, my understanding is that QTS and QTLS are acceptable for teaching both compulsory age and FE. It is just that QTLS is aimed at age 14 and above. Equally, as I have said in other posts, many FE colleges are struggling financially and in terms of recruitment. If you have the valid qualifications, many would take you and support you to gain the necessary qualifications. Have you looked at the University of Buckingham's International PGCE? That does involve visits by a tutor and an observation cycle.
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  7. kalayne1985

    kalayne1985 New commenter

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your response. Thats great to know.
    I checked out the Uni of Buckingham, it looks good, but it stated the following:
    "In addition, you must: 1. Obtain the commitment from your school to provide a suitable mentor. 2. Show the physical and mental fitness to teach."

    Sadly the school I am employed at has an awful reputation for mistreatment of its teachers, and I strongly suspect that should they initially agree to mentoring, the actual realities of it will probably be a giant headache and end up working against me.
    I do really appreciate the help though! Thank you.
  8. Pat10

    Pat10 New commenter

    Please feel free to ask any specific questions by PM - will try to answer as best I can. I've already mentioned how long it took. Here is a link to all the AO providers in UK.


  9. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes, of course some so-called "international schools" are happy to give jobs to unqualifiued teachers. (When I was in Qatar, Madam A*** seemed to go out of her way to employ NQTs and other teachers without much experience.)
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  10. Hello, Can you help me with information about obtaining my QTS. I have the option to do my PGCE online, I am currently teaching in UAE, Abu Dhabi in a Primary School. Am I able to get my QTS while I'm working here? Laila.m.zain@gmail.com.

    Thank you
  11. james_1979

    james_1979 New commenter

    You can add the Sunderland PGCEi course into that banned group. Saw how it flushed incompetent "graduates" who did not do any subjects/courses on education. Some schools in our neck of the woods have stopped accepting them. The "observer" gets £1000 a student and has NEVER held a full-time role. Was 20 minutes late. Saw the boring lesson. Ticked boxes. Then left! No pre-interview with staff, no post reflections or questions with the candidate. Tick. ✅ ✅ wham bam £1000 thanks Sunderland!
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  12. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    laila_m_zain, yes, I am sure that lots of good schools in the UK would be happy to offer you a teaching post, if you do have a degree, a proper PGCE, good references from your present school and lots of experience of teaching the English curriculum. But if you do not have these things, then maybe you would not be such a good candidate and someone else might get the job instead. Even teachers who already have QTS do not always get offered the jobs that they want.

    More and more, "online courses" are not being given the same status or value as the real thing, as james_1979 has made clear. Perhaps it is the case that you may have "done" an online course, but that does not always mean that you have understood the content of the course and then put it into practice.

    On the other hand, maybe you teach Physics, laila_m_zain, so most of what I have written probably will not apply to you.
  13. Hi there, it would great to know how you did this. I have a PGCE-i from Nottingham and looking into getting my QTS. So, what are the steps to getting QTS?
  14. htesfai

    htesfai New commenter

    Hi Pat10

    Do I need to do a pgcei before doing the AO QTS as I have 13 years of experience both in UK and abroad?
  15. htesfai

    htesfai New commenter


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