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Gaining experience of montessori, reggio emilio, etc

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Abijess23, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Abijess23

    Abijess23 New commenter

    I am an experienced FS teacher and have worked in primary schools in the UK throughout my career. I am looking at leaving next year for a bit of a career break but want to use the oppportunity to find out more about different types of FS teaching styles etc. I am looking at going overseas to do a bit of volunteering and work experience but am unsure where to start in terms of how to make contact with different styles of education centres.
    Is this something that anyone has done? How do I go about doing it in a way which will be beneficial and enjoyable?
  2. sid1913

    sid1913 New commenter

    My wife is after doing the same. Seems there are many routes. I refuse to pay for her training as she's already got a PGCE and I know you can get a good school to pay for it if need be. On the other hand many schools offer volunteer or part time experience which could lead to something...

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