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gained HLTA - what to do next?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by taitie, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. So I now have HLTA with science specialism (better late then never after 4 yrs of actually doing the job!) I am now in charge of a yr9 focus group as well as teaching the yr7/8/9 focus science.
    What I want to know is what sort of CPD should I do now? Started a FD in learning support, completed 1st yr and half way through 2nd yr but had to give it up 5 yrs ago due to circumstances beyond my control. I have been searching the net looking for things to do and the only stuff i could come up with was the degree in supporting teaching and learning but not sure if that is below the HLTA?

    What has anyone else done?

  3. How odd - the message I typed has gone! I'll try again - Perhaps TES does not like posts from mobiles!
  4. I basically said:

    Congratulations on gaining HLTA status. :)

    in answer to your question, HLTA is a status, NOT a qualification, so is no comparable to a Foundation Degree (FD). So I guess the next stage in your CPD plan could be to complete the FD that you started. The OU do a FD in primary teaching and learning. You should be able to credit transfer study completed elsewhere (so long as it was acredited by a university).

    From there, you could upgrade it to an honours degree and then go on to do a PGCE if you wanted to teach.

    Good luck!

  5. Why are you teaching if you do not have QTS.
  6. phatsals

    phatsals Occasional commenter

    Nor even the equivalent of 1st Year undergraduate study...
  7. OP has done the equivalent of the first year of a degree:
    "Started a FD in learning support, completed 1st yr and half way through 2nd yr"

  8. phatsals

    phatsals Occasional commenter

    Not if it was part time study.
  9. True, but when I talk about my degree studies, and I say the first year, I mean the equivalent to a full year, not one module of study.
  10. phatsals

    phatsals Occasional commenter

    Hmm, most FDs are P/T to fit in with work. I don't believe your personal experiences were being discussed unless you are the OP in which case I stand corrected.
  11. Hi,
    I did the Foundation degree alongside the HLTA status. I then topped up to a BA Hons and then the PGCE. Took me 6 years altogether! Worked fulltime until last year.
    Some of my cohorts on the FD took up fulltime study and joined a BA Ed group and gained QTS at the same time they did it in 18 months.

    Good luck

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